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BlackBerry UEM


BlackBerry® UEM 可为数量激增的各类设备和应用程序提供全方位的终端管理和策略控制,赋能物联网发展。

移动安全指南 免费试用

BlackBerry UEM 的新增功能

可从 AWS Marketplace 获得

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 安全云服务平台上的 BlackBerry® UEM 可为数量激增的各类设备和应用程序提供全方位的统一终端管理和策略控制。 具有安全意识的企业现在可通过 AWS 云保护和管理设备、应用程序、数据和策略。

通过自适应安全和 AI 保护您的所有移动终端

凭借 BlackBerry® Intelligent Security,IT 部门可以根据每位用户的实际体验和风险评分动态调整企业设备和应用程序的安全需求和行为。实时风险评分通过人工智能结合空间数据来确定。

Chrome OS 支持

在企业中安全启用 Chromebook,以在 Chromebook 上提供功能强大的安全服务和用户体验,毫不逊色于 BlackBerry® Dynamics 容器在 Android™ 设备上所能提供的服务和体验。支持 Chromebook 操作系统,无需 VPN 即可无缝访问电子邮件、文档、应用程序和内网。


BlackBerry UEM 采用其单一管理控制台和备受信赖的端到端安全模式,通过统一终端管理 (UEM) 解决方案,灵活保障企业员工的连通性和安全。

BlackBerry UEM 只需通过集成式管理面板即可让企业查看用户、设备、应用程序和策略,支持各种平台和权属模式,包括 iOS、Android、Windows 10®、macOS 和 Chrome OS。1

BlackBerry UEM 可在本地或云端部署,每个服务器及每个域容纳的设备最高可扩展至 2.5 万台和 15 万台。

降低服务器硬件要求,免除冗余软件许可和支持合同,优化配置 IT 人力资源,从而降低总拥有成本

BlackBerry UEM 借助单一控制台在管理其他企业应用程序的同时直接管理 Office 365 各款应用程序。

BlackBerry UEM 提供单一控制台,可以全面控制各种设备以及自定义和第三方应用程序。


BlackBerry 在 Gartner 2019 年“统一终端管理工具”魔力象限中再次荣列领导者象限



As investment banks, we pay a great deal of attention to data security. Our security measures are incredibly comprehensive, and all solutions are chosen from among the leaders of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report. Through a recent evaluation, we identified the need for a platform capable of providing stringent security for mobile endpoints.

Zhang Weimin,


We are happy with BlackBerry. The intuitive nature of their platform, its ability to support every device, and its high security are all the encouragement we need to stick with it.

Laurence Arterton,

UNISON 客户支持和 ICT 服务主管

We handle a lot of sensitive information, so customer confidentiality is our number one priority. As our mobility strategy evolved, we had to find a better way to service our clients and drive operational efficiency – that’s why we chose BlackBerry UEM. It met our strict security requirements for mobile work, and reduced the operational burden on our IT department.

Masaharu Baba,

Aegon Sony 人寿保险公司信息系统部系统业务高级主管

Security is our number one concern. When we look at the BlackBerry UEM management system combined with the Knox platform on a Samsung device, we believe that we deploy superior technology. It gives us confidence as an organization.

Bryan M. Larkin


If you are involved in technology and security, it’s really a comfort factor knowing that the BlackBerry platform is tried and tested. BlackBerry’s approach to Android is the most secure on the market.

Damien Behan,

Brodies 公司 IT 总监

We were looking for a mobility solution that was easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and — most importantly — highly secure. BlackBerry provided us with exactly that through BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry UEM. We are extremely pleased with their software – it met all our needs.

Thomas Skjønhaug,

奥斯陆证券交易所 IT 运营和基础架构主管

With BlackBerry, we have a single solution that’s able to manage every device in our organization. Our employees are better able to communicate with one another, and we have the flexibility to give them the devices they want to use. We’ve saved both time and money – and that’s excellent.

Markus Fuerlinger

Gartner KG 首席信息官

From the start, we were confident in BlackBerry’s security…BlackBerry has always been the strongest in terms of providing a strong foundation for protecting our data. It’s part of why we chose to use BlackBerry UEM – with it, we can be as secure as we need to be.

Clive Knott,

Howard Kennedy 律所 IT 总监


选择最符合您需求的 BlackBerry Spark® Suite

BlackBerry Spark®


UEM Suite + UES Suite 功能,全面实现统一终端安全和统一终端管理

BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite

UEM – 完整功能

UEM Express Suite + 监管部门控制;SDK/API 和客户应用程序;EFSS/DRM;身份识别;UEM 通知

BlackBerry 2FA 包含在 BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite 适用于 BlackBerry 和 Microsoft 应用程序的 Collaboration Edition 中,同时包含在 Application Edition 和 Content Edition 的所有操作系统中。 




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1.  功能可能会因平台而异