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Why Attend?

Why Attend

Let’s Build a Hyper-connected World

The BlackBerry® World Tour is coming to major cities across the globe, offering a hands-on experience for business leaders and technology professionals. Discover how BlackBerry is enabling enterprises and government to become hyper-connected while protecting sensitive information and communications. From AI-driven cybersecurity and secure IoT, to next-gen enterprise technologies and services, this is your opportunity to hear from industry leadership and BlackBerry experts. 

  • Bring your ideas.
  • Leave empowered.
  • Secure and transform your future.

Join over 1,400 Industry Professionals

Business Leaders
Business Leaders

Connect with fellow leaders to discuss challenges and emerging opportunities.

Technology Professionals
Technology Professionals

Discover new ways to implement technology that will enable you to outsmart threats.

BlackBerry Partners
BlackBerry Partners

Explore the latest best practices, industry trends and new technology.


Interact with BlackBerry experts, whether you’re looking for sample code, looking to get started with BlackBerry tools, or simply have a question.

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