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Premier Security Event of the Year

October 4, 2018
Exclusive Partner Day: October 3, 2018

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This year’s sessions will be packed with knowledge, insights and inspiration designed to address cybersecurity challenges and enable the intelligent enterprise.

October 4, 2018

8:00-9:00  Registration and Networking Breakfast 
9:00-10:30 Morning Keynote 
10:30-11:00 Networking Break in the Solutions Showcase 
Breakout SessionsDigital TransformationCybersecurityBlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite

Companies have access to more data than ever before as IoT devices become widespread. But, how can businesses effectively analyze that data and take action? The trucking industry is facing many challenges, from a driver shortage to growing demand, and it is turning to IoT technology for solutions. Fleets that have adopted BlackBerry Radar, an asset monitoring solution for trailers, chassis and flatbeds, have integrated dashboards, analytics and custom alerts into day-to-day processes to improve trailer utilization. Learn how to leverage data using actionable insights from the trucking industry.

This session is focused on the end of ‘Digital Transformation’ or more accurately the natural end state for any fully formed Digital Transformation strategy. Critical to any business that is driving towards having maximum visibility into every corner of its operations is the need to connect and manage all of its physical and digital assets. Doing so securely with the ability to trust the system and all of its components lies at the heart of the BlackBerry Secure platform strategy and our expansive vision for the Enterprise of Things or EoT, which we define as IoT that is trusted. Over the course of (30) minutes, BlackBerry CTO, Charles Eagan, will provide a deep dive into how our platform can help your business put an end to digital transformation by providing the trusted architecture and components that provide you with an accurate and reliable 365-degree view into the entirety of your enterprise.

This session will examine what’s new in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite capabilities across MDM, MAM, containerization, IAM and EFSS. Specific topics include BlackBerry Dynamics (mobile and desktop), BlackBerry UEM, Cloud, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity, BlackBerry Analytics, BlackBerry Workspaces and EoT. Examples will be provided of use cases where customers are leveraging BlackBerry as the single solution to meet all their needs. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 will be discussed.


To date, companies have been able to manage the volume of data, structured and unstructured, with established policies, procedures and tools. However, as technology continues to advance, with machine learning, AI, and ever increasing sophistication of cyber threats, new approaches will be required to maintain control and stabilize threats. The ability to harness the value contained within that data can exponentially increase your bottom line and future competitiveness. Wielding control and securely incorporating relevant data points into real-time decision making processes is the key to moving beyond surviving the data surge to thriving ahead of the competition.

A hacker and social engineering expert will guide the audience through an eye-opening, interactive open source intelligence gathering attack to highlight the risks posed by our online footprint.

Join us for a panel with industry leaders on the benefits of, and approaches to, deployment and management of non-traditional / EoT devices in the enterprise.

12:25-1:45 Networking Lunch in the Solutions Showcase 
1:45-2:55 Afternoon General Session 
Breakout SessionsDigital TransformationCybersecurityBlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite

Bring the power and value of the back office into the palm of your employees’ hands. Empower them to easily and securely access everything they need to engage customers, complete their assignments, receive real-time information updates, and update back office tools all with the convenience of their device of choice.

Automate work processes based on real-time updates from the field, notify employees of relevant information when they need it, how they need it. Eliminate the need for employees to return to the office to update data captured in the field.

A review of the last 12 months by a BlackBerry cybersecurity expert. This session will look back at the main events and threats raised over the last year and consider what challenges we should all be mindful of for the next 12 months. The session will also consider the tried and tested cyber defence strategies that are best suited to keep the bad guys out.

Business transformation requires a platform capable of supporting flexible deployment models with agnostic device support, including for Internet of Things devices, and integration with an ecosystem of third party solution providers. Join us to hear best practices from the field for upgrading from Good Console to BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager and prepare your environment for business transformation, EoT/IoT and advanced business workflows.


Every line of business within a company relies upon some form of content collaboration amongst various partners. These partners may be colleagues working together to provide a holistic view or external resources such as suppliers, contractors, or customers. Whether it is sharing intellectual property as part of research and development processes, forecast plans required for production, statements of work to be tracked and delivered, or even contracts to be finalized, all of these processes require trust and discretion. What if you could collaborate on content with all your partners seamlessly, easily, and with auditable tracking of data flow? Imagine the competitive advantage you would have against your peers by being able to deliver better quality results faster, securely, and with complete auditability for regulators and/or compliance!

The panel will discuss whether companies should be more focused on training staff about cybersecurity or removing them from the process completely and looking solely to technology to provide enterprise security.

This session will examine how customers and partners are unlocking the value of the BlackBerry platform to enable compelling use cases and applications.


In our Hyperconnected world, businesses need to embrace opportunities such as the Enterprise of Things to remain competitive. But what is the price of this innovation?

This session will discuss how businesses can successfully optimize workforce, workflow and workplace strategies to remain competitive.

Based on BlackBerry’s rich history of building secure devices, the BlackBerry Cybersecurity team will look at the key considerations to ensuring robust security in products and applications. We will share our wealth of knowledge and expertise in product design, development and validation, highlighting security challenges and how to overcome them. Thinking of buying a product? Our team will advise on the key questions you should be asking.

To enable business and security processes for Workforce, Workplace and Workflow a “hyperconnected” organization works with Business Partners and End Customers. For effective and timely response, information (files, alerts, data) needs to be disseminated quickly and securely. Come and participate in BlackBerry’s plan for the “Workplace” of tomorrow to empower enterprise organizations to be “hyperconnected”’ and address the business and security needs of tomorrow.

5:10-7:00 Beer Festival Reception in Solutions Showcase 
*Agenda subject to change.

Tech Talks

Throughout the event, we’ll be hosting intimate 30-minute Tech Talk sessions featuring customers, strategic partners, executives and software experts from BlackBerry. These sessions will cover a broad range of topics, including how to use the latest technology innovations to tackle challenges and achieve your goals.

TimeBlackBerry SparkBlackBerry DynamicsBlackBerry AtHoc

Connected and autonomous vehicles are powered by increasingly complex software. So, how do we ensure that the software in a car remains secure over its lifetime? This TechTalk will address the challenge of securing your multi-tiered supply chain and how to minimize vulnerabilities.

Learn how to securely interact with office documents between BlackBerry Work and Microsoft Office Apps.

BlackBerry enables organizations to use a single messaging platform for sharing critical information ranging from IT alerts, device compliance, and safety information


How can you ensure reliable and secure communication between EoT devices? Hear a creative concept to connecting and managing EoT assets securely.

Learn how to empower your users to use on corporate issued assets to securely connect to corporate data from any connection point.

Situational awareness and the safety and availability of a workforce are paramount to business resiliency.  BlackBerry AtHoc automates the process of accounting for the safety of people across an organization and offers real-time insights leaders can use to keep their businesses up-and-running.


The BlackBerry Spark platform empowers enterprises to scale their existing infrastructure to securely manage, connect, and use 'things' – including the applications and data they transmit – in new and existing workflows. In this Tech Talk you will learn about Contextual Device Management for AWS IoT that will enable connected 'things' to deliver their expected value to any workflow and reduce exposure to cyber vulnerabilities that can open the entire organization to unnecessary risk.

Walk-through of best practice end user enablement with innovative productivity workflows.

High profile incidents strike all types of organizations, and rarely are limited to their own four walls.  BlackBerry enables new methods for quickly communicating and collaborating with other organizations, shielding companies and communities when events occur.

TimeBlackBerry SparkBlackBerry UEMBlackBerry Workspaces

Learn how the BlackBerry Secure Platform can help you securely manage smart glasses in the enterprise.

Learn how BlackBerry customers can integrate Lookout Mobile Threat Defense in both managed and unmanaged devices.

This session will explore how to leverage existing content repositories with Workspaces and apply DRM and controls on files and documents.


How can you ensure reliable and secure communication between EoT devices? Hear a creative concept to connecting and managing EoT assets securely.

Learn how to apply best practices and effectively send mass communications to streamline mobile workflows.

Learn how BlackBerry Workspaces can help your organization limit Ransomware exposure on documents and quickly recover from an attack.


Learn how the BlackBerry NOC is critical to business transformation by providing unparalleled secure connectivity, reduces cyber security risk and enables additional use cases.

Learn how BlackBerry is using sophisticated Machine Learning data models to automatically adjust user security based on behavioral locations and risk scores.

Learn how BlackBerry Workspaces can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and add DRM and controls to OneDrive repositories and SharePoint Online.

*Subject to change.
TimeFinancial & InsuranceProfessional ServicesPublic Safety & Government
11:00-11:30For Endpoint Management, this Major Holding Company Put its Money on BlackBerry UEMThis Large Legal Firm is Securely Externalizing OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint OnlineThis Major Government Organization Expanded to BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Application Edition for Better, More Secure Mobility
11:40-12:10This Major Finance Firm Aims to be Secure, Compliant, and Paperless - BlackBerry Workspaces Helps to Do it AllBest Practices from a Global Management Firm on UEM MigrationThis G7 Government Turned Emergency Notifications Deployment from 90 Minutes to 90 Seconds Using BlackBerry AtHoc
12:20-12:50Android for Work Solution for the Financial SectorWorking with BlackBerry ISV Partners to Enable New Apps and Use Cases in the Legal SectorSamsung Knox Solution for the Public Sector
3:05-3:35How a Home Healthcare Provider Improved its Employees’ Connectivity with Patients and the OfficeThis Major Electrical Power Company Surged Back to BlackBerry After Trying AirWatchWith BlackBerry, this Global Food Manufacturer Works Smarter, Better, and More Securely
3:45-4:15Major Hospital Trusts BlackBerry Enterprise Software to Empower Staff for Better Patient CareBlackBerry and Microsoft Work Together to Help this National Petroleum Company Deliver Better Mobile ProductivityThis Household Manufacturer Prioritizes Safety of Staff with BlackBerry AtHoc
4:25-4:55BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting Helped this Health Insurance Company Secure, Connect, and Protect its DataBlackBerry 2FA and BlackBerry UEM Help this Energy Company Deliver Renewable EnergyThis Major Automaker Decided BlackBerry Cybersecurity Services Were the Right Road to Protecting its Connected Cars
*Subject to change.

Who Should Attend


Chief Security Officers who define the security vision and best practices for their organizations, ensuring data is protected.

Business Leaders

Line of business leaders looking to leverage the Enterprise of Things to transform business processes and create new business models in their organizations.

IT Professionals

Architects and IT Administrators focused on optimizing existing and new technology to securely empower employees.


Enterprise and ISV app developers, with a concentration on secure, productivity solutions. Get developer details

Why Attend

Immerse yourself in a full day of knowledge sharing and networking, with insights and practical plans you can take home.


From Industry Leaders

50+ insightful presentations

1:1 meet-ups

Immersive demos

Actionable insights


The Solutions Showcase

25+ Partner offerings

Innovations from BlackBerry

Developer zone


With Experts and Peers

1000+ industry professionals

Meet with BlackBerry engineers and executives

Network with other attendees

Have Fun

The day wouldn’t be complete without a proper celebration. Join us for a Beer Festival Reception in the Solutions Showcase.




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Top Tier Management Consulting Firm

Director, B2B Solutions and Services


Global Android Enterprise Field Team


Sr. Director, B2B Solutions & Services


Android Platform Specialist


VP, Product Management


SVP, Product Management


Technical Director, Cyber Security




Director, Global Customer Discovery


Director, Technical Solutions


Product Management, Senior Director


VP, Professional Services

BlackBerry Services

Director, Professional Services

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting

Technical Director, Cybersecurity

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting

SVP, Global Sales Programs


VP, Technical Solutions




Senior Manager, Technical Solutions


Senior Director, Product Management


Senior Manager, Technical Solutions


Director, Enterprise Solutions


We’re bringing together a thought-provoking collection of industry experts and BlackBerry executives. Check back often as we expand the line-up.

2-Day Partner Event: October 3-4

BlackBerry partners are invited to a dedicated event with content for distributors, ISVs and Solution Providers on October 3. This is your opportunity to seize the moment and join forces to deliver unparalleled growth, helping customers solve their security and mobility challenges.

  • Get an update on BlackBerry’s strategy for 2019
  • Hear success stories from your peers
  • Gain valuable insights that will help drive growth
  • Network with BlackBerry executives and customers

Partners are also invited to return for the BlackBerry Security Summit on October 4 View the Security Summit agenda

8:00-9:00Registration and Networking Breakfast
9:00-10:30Morning Keynote
10:30-11:00Networking Break in Solutions Showcase
Breakout SessionsPlanning for GrowthInspiration for Growth

Connecting and managing all your organization’s digital and physical assets is critical for maximum visibility into your operations. Doing so securely, with the ability to trust the system and its components is at the heart of the BlackBerry platform and our vision for the Enterprise of Things (EoT), which we define as IoT that is trusted. Join us for a deep dive into how our platform can help your business arrive at a natural end state for your digital transformation strategy.

Stay competitive in a rapidly changing market and transform your business by developing your own IP around BlackBerry technology. Hear from a panel of partners about their learnings and best practices.


As BlackBerry customers demand expertise and commitment from our partners, specializations are a key success factor for upgrade and upsell. Partners that specialize in BlackBerry Workspaces, hosting, BlackBerry Shield or crisis communications have developed specific skill sets and technical expertise to address new customer challenges.

Hear about BlackBerry sales initiatives, and how we can build pipeline together.


Get competitive insights that will help you better serve customers on the BlackBerry Spark Platform.

Hear from successful BlackBerry partners about advantages of leveraging apps to mobilize key business workflows and accelerate revenue with ISV applications.


Learn about BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program, how we are addressing different types of partners, and how we’ll mutually meet our growth goals to build a large and profitable business together.

Get practical tips, best practices and templates for consideration to avoid dead-end proof of concepts. Make them a win-win effort for you and your customers with repeatable solutions that can scale your business.


During this panel you will gain insights on what’s driving Android adoption in the enterprise and how to capitalize on it and lean how to enable your teams to drive growth with Android.

Organizations need to embed cybersecurity at the heart of their mobility strategies. Hear from BlackBerry experts about how to look for potential cybersecurity projects, tips and tricks (and pitfalls to avoid) when selling cybersecurity services, and how to become a strategic cybersecurity partner for your customers.

1:25-2:15Networking Lunch in Solutions Showcase
2:15-3:15Sales & Tech Talks with BlackBerry Experts
3:15-3:45Afternoon Keynote

Through a partner panel discussion, discover tips, insights and ideas on initiating customer conversations on enterprise mobility and cybersecurity solutions in Financial Services.


Hear BlackBerry's approach to government and focus on opportunities for tackling challenges and developing innovative solutions for our joint customers.


Looking to expand into new Legal or Manufacturing industries? Get an insightful view from BlackBerry sales leaders about our approach to expand into new markets with a strong emphasis on joint-selling with partners.

5:00-5:30Closing Remarks
Richard McLeod & Peter Ng
5:30-6:45Reception in Solutions Showcase
7:00-8:30Recognition Dinner
*Agenda subject to change.


Join us at the Grand Hyatt New York, conveniently located next to Grand Central Station, minutes from New York City’s most iconic attractions.

Park Avenue

Grand Hyatt New York
109 E 42nd St,
New York
NY 10017

What People Are Saying

"Excellent opening speeches, great variety of streams. Plenty of networking opportunities"

Karen Quinn, Head of Marketing, AimBrain

"Superb event really well planned and executed/delivered with charm. Great to see BlackBerry coming out and telling the business how great they really are!!!"

Nas Haque, BDM , British Telecom

"Well-done conference... I really liked the Fireside Chat, it was an open forum and attendees all have a chance to join in… Was able to walk away with future projections and where the industry is headed in Mobility"

Michele Thurston, AVP, Team Lead Mobility Solutions, Voya Investment Management


The Solutions Showcase will bring to life a broad range of products from BlackBerry’s innovative partner ecosystem.

Contact us to book your personal 1:1 session.

Checkpoint Systems
Apply Mobile (iDENprotect)
Shafer Systems (Notate)
Artifex (Smart Office)
Soft Serve
Awingu NV
Blue Cedar


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