October 17, 2023 | Conrad New York Downtown

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BlackBerry Strategy & Vision

John Chen, Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry

Convergence & the Digital Trust Deficit

Zina Cole, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Delivering the Dream: Technology for a Trusted Future

Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman Siemens, Chairman Northvolt, Board Member, Former Co-CEO of SAP

BlackBerry Innovations

Neelam Sandhu, Chief Elite Customer Success Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Sustainability, BlackBerry

Innovating in the Cloud with AWS

Dr. Sarah Cooper, General Manager Industry Products, Amazon Web Services

Trust on the Digital Frontlines Fireside Chat

John Chen, Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry


Sami Khoury, Head, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Technology Supremacy for Global Security

Innocent Muhizi, CEO, Rwanda Information Society Authority, Rwanda


Raj Thuppal, Chief Information Officer, Department of National Defence, Canada


John Weiler, Co-Founder & CEO IT-AAC, MD & CIO ICH


Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer, BlackBerry


Maaz Yasin, Director, Global Strategic Sustainability Partnerships, BlackBerry


Enterprise Grade AI is Here

The business value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is clear, the security implications for organizations are not. This session will provide you with a guide to enterprise grade AI and Generative AI, from the pioneer of AI cybersecurity. 


Shiladitya Sircar, Senior Vice President Enterprise Software, BlackBerry

The Rise of Spying on Mobile

Phone calls are increasingly susceptible to interception, with Board members, C-suite and Government officials the top targets. Safeguard your privacy with our anti-eavesdropping technology that protects your voice calls and text messages.


David Wiseman, Vice President, BlackBerry Secusmart, BlackBerry

The Godfather of UEM

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software has become essential to every organization, to enable secure access to work data from devices. Find out from the pioneer of UEM – BlackBerry – how UEM can deliver security and user experience without compromise and discover new UEM use cases.


Steven Harper, Senior Elite Customer Manager – Government, BlackBerry

Redefining Sustainability for the CIO and CISO

‘Sustainability’ is commonly tied to climate change, but we need to think more broadly. As technology becomes the world’s ‘nervous system,’ sustainability must evolve to encompass data security, use privacy, and reliable connectivity, putting CIOs and CISOs at the core.


Maaz Yasin, Director, Global Strategic Sustainability Partnerships, BlackBerry

Protect CISO’s from Burnout

CISOs say stress and burnout are their top risks today. Protect them and your organization with managed detection and response (MDR) services that complement your security team and optimize your security posture 24x7x365. 


Arvind Raman, Senior Vice President, & Chief Information Security Officer, BlackBerry


Ismael Valenzuela, Vice President, Threat Research & Intelligence, Cybersecurity Business Unit, BlackBerry

The Messaging App Employees AND Regulators Want

Instant Messaging (IM) enhances business productivity and elevates the employee experience. The right IM tool can also de-risk the business continuity dangers of vendor consolidation. Discover the IM solution that excites IT teams, employees, and regulators.


Mark Mosiadz, Senior Elite Customer Manager - North America, BlackBerry

Zero Trust Beyond the Buzzword

‘Zero Trust’ is the buzzword that has excited 1000’s of marketing teams around the world. Uncover the legitimate zero trust security architecture that can help elevate your approach to identity authentication and perimeterless network security.


Sriram Krishnan, Senior Director, Product Management, BlackBerry

Quantum Security by BlackBerry

Quantum computing holds tremendous promise for the digital economy, particularly when combined with AI. Bad actors are eyeing equal ‘promise’ for their intentions. This session will present BlackBerry quantum security software and outline what you can do to prepare for the quantum era.


Jim Alfred, Vice President, BlackBerry Certicom, BlackBerry

Know Your Cyber Enemy

The art of cyberwar requires a deep understanding of the adversary. As Sun Tzu says, “Know yourself, know your enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” This session will give you the tools to unmask your cyber enemy.


Ismael Valenzuela, Vice President, Threat Research & Intelligence, Cybersecurity Business Unit, BlackBerry


Dmitry Bestuzhev, Senior Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity Business Unit, BlackBerry

Coordinate, Communicate, Operate, During Critical Events

During planned and unplanned events, critical event management (CEM) software is a must-have for business continuity. The right CEM solution ensures the coordinated and reliable flow of timely and actionable information, for a unified and effective response.


Ramon Pinero, Vice President, Services, BlackBerry AtHoc, BlackBerry

Introducing Trust in IoT Embedded Systems

Trust is the building block for creating an enterprise-grade IoT ecosystem. This session will showcase how BlackBerry QNX empowers your developers to create embedded systems that combine security, scale, privacy, and performance.


Sheridan Ethier, Senior Director, Engineering Middleware, BlackBerry

The Convergence of IT, OT, & IOT

For the digital world to realize its potential as an interconnected ecosystem, the convergence of cybersecurity and the IoT is critical. Explore how convergence will transform your organization and why McKinsey says BlackBerry is one of the few companies that can converge IT cybersecurity with IoT platforms. 


Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer, BlackBerry

Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level with Trusted Partnerships

Two of the biggest names in digital transformation – Adobe and BlackBerry – showcase the power of partnership to enhance electronic workflows with next-generation interoperability. BlackBerry UEM and Adobe Experience Manager have come together to modernize and optimize IT operations while maintaining the highest levels of security.


Dr. Steven Gottwals, Technical Director Security Solutions, Adobe


Noah Campbell, Senior Elite, Technical Marketing Specialist, BlackBerry



AWS and BlackBerry's Ground Breaking Journey in Generative AI

In this session, delve into the groundbreaking impact of Generative AI in cybersecurity. Discover how next-generation – AI is ushering in new opportunities and challenges – join us to explore how BlackBerry's pioneering and patented AI, coupled with AWS's Generative AI, enables and promises to reshape the cybersecurity landscape.


Dr. Mehran Najafi, Senior Solution Architect, Amazon


Shiladitya Sircar, Senior Vice President Enterprise Software, BlackBerry

Next-Generation UEM

BlackBerry has been pioneering the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) market for decades. This proud history of leapfrog innovations continues with the recent announcement of BlackBerry UEM for the IoT and BlackBerry UEM at the edge. Discover how these solutions will re-define the UEM market and empower organizations in new valuable ways.


Alejandro Fantin, Senior Project Manager, BlackBerry


Leonardo Emanuel Alifraco, Solution Architect, BlackBerry



Unlock Business Value in Smart Cities

A ‘smart city’ is one that’s capable of harnessing the power of today’s most innovative technologies. Discover BlackBerry IVY®, an edge-to-cloud software platform that is revolutionizing big data and creating new value for businesses and consumers. 


Vito Giallorenzo, Vice President & General Manager, BlackBerry IVY, BlackBerry




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National Security That’s Built-in Fireside Chat

John Chen, Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry


Kenneth Bible, Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Exposing the Truth with AI

Ksenia Iliuk, Co-Founder, LetsData

The Future of Digital Experiences in the Smart City

Máuhan Zonoozy, Head of Innovation, Spotify


Michael Tremblay, President & CEO, Invest Ottawa


Philipp Skogstad, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz, Research & Development North America


Kristen Lee, Senior Features Editor, MotorTrend


John Wall, Senior Vice President & Head of BlackBerry QNX, BlackBerry

BlackBerry Innovation Awards

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