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Become a BlackBerry MSSP Partner

Cybersecurity is a critical factor in any organization today. Few companies have the skills to safeguard themselves against the increasing number of sophisticated threats and managed security service providers (MSSPs) are an invaluable component of global business. 

As a BlackBerry MSSP cybersecurity partner, you have access to tools and resources that enable you to differentiate your product and boost revenue while protecting your clients against cyberthreats. 

Build Your Business While You Protect Theirs with the BlackBerry MSSP Partner Program

Build Your Business While You Protect Theirs with the BlackBerry MSSP Partner Program

Empower your clients to remain secure and productive with intelligent endpoint solutions that are easy to deploy, connect, scale, and manage across any environment.
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Becoming a Partner

Becoming a Partner

Prevention has its benefits and so does the BlackBerry MSSP Partner Program. Offer your clients sophisticated, layered endpoint protection with an award-winning program. Focus on driving mutual success through profitable growth opportunities, cybersecurity innovation, and partner enablement.

BlackBerry offers several types of partner relationships to meet the needs of individual MSSPs. Become a solution provider, independent software vendor, a service and training partner, or a development partner, and promote your app in the enterprise software marketplace.

Deal Registration

Get top-level deal protection, excellent incentives, and remarkable discounts.


Enhance profitability with more ways to make money.

Sales Expertise

Get sales and marketing support from leading sources to help grow your income.

Demand Gen

Apply joint selling initiatives and business planning to create demand and get leads.

Training and Development

Boost sales with our technical training platform and robust knowledge base. 

Centralized Hub

Use our Partner Hub to manage deals, pricing, incentives, sales, and training.

MSSP Program

Partner with BlackBerry to provide clients with powerful endpoint security services.

Master MSSPs

Master MSSPs get a broader suite of services to offer clients. 

Why Become a BlackBerry MSSP Partner?

In addition to being able to protect clients from cyberthreats, MSSPs who partner with BlackBerry enjoy substantial benefits.
Start Fast: Quick, easy onboarding enables you to start providing protection for your clients right away.
Scale Rapidly: Add clients, integrate endpoints, and capture new target audiences instantly and simply.
Automate Easily: Deliver endpoint security automatically, cost effectively, and simply compared with manual processes. 
Adapt Instantly: Keep pace with constantly changing threats and support your clients’ digital transformations.
Pay for Consumption: End expensive provisioning costs and use subscription licensing to pay only for consumption.
Protect 24x7x365: BlackBerry’s SOC provides subscription-based MDR services anywhere, anytime.
Preserve Resources: Optimize resources by eradicating daily updates, minimizing alert triage, and reducing remediation.
Broaden Capabilities: Improve prevention and response abilities or add a streamlined turnkey end-to-end security solution.

See the Total Economic Impact of BlackBerry

Discover how BlackBerry’s suite of cybersecurity products can generate financial savings for your clients and help grow your MSSP business.