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Discover BlackBerry’s Benefits and Rewards

The BlackBerry Cybersecurity product suite powered by Cylance® AI offers dynamic endpoint protection for technology systems of any size. By deploying artificial intelligence instead of signatures, our solutions identify threats across a range of devices to help organizations reduce cybersecurity risks. 

Quantitative Impact

A quantitative assessment of the value of CylancePROTECT® reveals a significant three-year

financial impact for customers.[1] Manage threat detection with fewer resources, reduce impact on end users, and reduce overall risk by offering your clients the Cylance AI suite of products.


[1] Source: (2022). The Total Economic Impact™ of CylancePROTECT From BlackBerry, A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Commissioned by BlackBerry. Forrester Consulting.


Financial Savings

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Reduction in the cost of security breaches, based on eliminating breaches after investing in CylancePROTECT.


Remove the threat of intrusion completely and give your MSSP clients peace of mind. 

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Decrease in software subscription costs after canceling legacy endpoint protection products.


Deliver financial savings for your clients that translate into goodwill for you as an MSSP. 

Time Savings

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Time savings of 30% regained by eliminating the need to investigate and recover from incidents.


Reduce your clients’ costs and inconvenience and give yourself a competitive edge.

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Labor hours saved by eradicating the need to perform antivirus updates.


Save time and money and deliver real value for your clients.

Return on Investment

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Return on investment and a net present value (NPV) of $1.24M


Boost clients’ profitability and increase their ROI.

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Payback factoring in subscription fees, implementation costs, and administrative costs.


Provide your clients with a better experience and savings in time, costs, and effort. 

Experience the BlackBerry Difference Today

Give your clients the cybersecurity solutions they need. With advanced AI/ML, your services are more effective, require fewer resources to implement, and produce better ROI.