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What is Enterprise Mobility Management – EMM?


Enterprise mobility management (EMM) refers to how an organization manages and secures mobile apps, data and devices. Mobility management solutions have become core IT infrastructure elements and are now indispensable for managing device lifecycles and automating time-consuming administrative tasks such as onboarding and decommissioning users.

What are the challenges?

As mobile endpoints store more and more applications and critical data, the need for embedded security increases. EMM solutions must manage an increasingly complex mobility environment, with a mix of mobile endpoints, operating systems, risk profiles and ownership models. All without compromising user experience, corporate data security or personal privacy.

To take full advantage of workforce mobilization, organizations need to move beyond short-term management solutions and adopt a secure, comprehensive EMM solution designed to meet today’s challenges and whatever lies around the corner.

What are the benefits?

Enterprises that develop a mobile strategy and implement the right EMM solution can expect significant benefits, as can those that update their existing strategy to keep pace with the evolving enterprise mobility landscape. The right solution improves productivity, security, and privacy, while making it easier for IT administrators to manage the growing number of roles, apps, operating systems and device types.

How can BlackBerry support your EMM needs?

Networks are expanding with more endpoints than ever before. You can protect your business data and increase workforce productivity with a complete EMM solution. The BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite delivers the right capabilities to support your mobile and productivity needs.