Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a modern cybersecurity solution that gathers and analyzes data across multiple security sources–email, cloud, servers, and networks–for threat detection and response purposes. An expanded model of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), XDR optimizes an organization’s cyber threat management capabilities and performance by offering an advanced and more comprehensive view of threats across an infrastructure.

What Is XDR-as-a-Service?

XDR-as-a-Service, AKA Managed XDR, is a proactive, multi-dimensional approach to cyber threat management that incorporates 24/7 monitoring from security professionals into XDR’s core operations: threat hunting, investigation, alerting, and response. XDR services reduce alert fatigue and support overworked security teams, strengthening security processes to provide extended, managed protection.

In the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, XDR services often include the following operations: 

Threat detection and investigation focused on internal and external threats via anomalies within standard data patterns and behaviors. As organizations introduce newer data points into their environment, this portion of XDR becomes scalable. 

Threat hunting and alerting to identify and correlate hidden threats across multiple data sources on a network. XDR threat-hunting capabilities also provide automated alerting processes to notify IT teams of ongoing threats in their environment. 

Threat response and recovery include user alerting, threat analysis, neutralization, and recovery. This XDR service implementation maximizes IT personnel’s efficiency and allows them to focus on human-centric, day-to-day security operations. 

Why Choose XDR-as-a-Service?

XDR-as-a-Service optimizes and manages threat detection and response across an organization’s IT ecosystem. With XDR services, skill and knowledge gaps are effectively bridged, as organizations can leverage expertise and receive the necessary support from experienced analysts and security professionals. XDR services help organizations develop a mature cybersecurity program at a much lower cost and ensure constant protection. 

Through AI and human expertise, XDR services augment threat management. 

Benefits of XDR-as-a-Service

  • Advanced threat detection and remediation
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Access to skilled security professionals
  • Consolidated security data across systems
  • Mitigated alert fatigue
  • Supported IT teams
  • Enhanced visibility across networks

XDR-as-a-Service vs. MDR

XDR-as-a-Service and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) are cybersecurity solutions that pair endpoint security technologies with human expertise to identify threats and mobilize defenses proactively. While MDR monitors an organization’s network, endpoints, and systems in real-time, XDR-as-a-service extends the MDR framework by incorporating XDR visibility across the enterprise. XDR-as-a-Service is faster in applying threat intelligence, as it includes correlating security telemetry data across the network, increasing security on all endpoints immediately.
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