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What is extended detection and response (XDR)?

Extended detection and response (XDR) is a cybersecurity solution that aggregates data from multiple sources, including endpoints. XDR expands on endpoint detection and response (EDR) by searching for and addressing cyberthreats across an enterprise’s network, cloud storage and applications as well as endpoints.

Extended Detection and Response Features

XDR solutions typically include EDR tools for attack prevention, endpoint monitoring, automated response action, threat hunting and data visualization via dashboards and reports. XDR adds features for securing cloud storage, email and apps. XDR solutions also unify visibility and management across endpoints, the enterprise network and cloud-based assets. An XDR solution incorporates intelligence about cyberattacks that  originate from both internal and external sources to identify cyberthreats better.

Extended Detection and Response Solutions

The BlackBerry® Cyber Suite is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that effectively prevents breaches and safeguards against sophisticated threats with advanced AI. Blackberry Cyber Suite natively integrates with BlackBerry UEM and can also work seamlessly with any UEM solution.