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Secure Employee Devices Seamlessly with BlackBerry

Reap the Benefits of Bring Your Own Laptop

Boost Productivity. Reduce Costs.

With a growing number of employees using their own desktops, laptops and tablets, “Bring Your Own Device” is gaining momentum beyond smartphones. A comprehensive, secure BYO program can maximize user productivity and satisfaction, while cutting costs.

Are You BlackBerry Secure?

  • Are you meeting both your users’ demands for privacy and IT demands for security?

  • Can you prevent data leakage and block unauthorized devices from accessing your network?

  • Can you set different policies by user group, department, location or device type?

It’s time to secure BYO with BlackBerry

As enterprise device and app populations spread across unmanaged devices, desktops and wearables, how can organizations leverage them while mitigating risks?

Secure, Flexible Support for BYOD

BlackBerry® UEM fully protects at the device, app, data and content level—without interfering with personal use. Set the right policy for the right device, all from a unified administrative console

Industry-Leading Containerization

Maintain a separation between corporate and personal data with BlackBerry® Work, and secure enterprise web app, browser and intranet access from iOS, Android™, Windows® and macOS with BlackBerry® Access.

Protect User Privacy and Business Data

Use the BlackBerry® Dynamics container to separate personal and company data, prevent data leakage and block unauthorized devices from your network. The same security applies to all mobile operating systems.

BlackBerry Secure World Tour

Join us in locations around the world to hear more about BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE and security in a hyperconnected world. Advancements from BlackBerry will transform the way your organization works.