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Learn how to protect your endpoints, business and people wherever they are with more than 50 educational sessions.

Session Tracks

Endpoint Security and Management Use Cases and Best Practices
Secure Communications Use Cases and Best Practices
Cybersecurity Trends and Strategies
Advanced Threat Research and Intelligence
Unified Endpoint Security and Management Demos and How-tos
Secure Communications Demos and How-tos
Tech Talks and Product/Solution Deep Dives

Day 1 – October 6, 2020

Endpoint Security and Management Use Cases and Best Practices

See how BlackBerry AI/ML endpoint solutions protect your business with unmatched security and maximum productivity.

Attacks of Home Workers Have Increased 300%. Why?

Duration: 10:51

The workforce showed great adaptability in shifting to home as the new enterprise, but with the new reliance on home networks, VPNs and personal devices, remote workers are an attacker’s paradise. Defend against the recent surge in attacks and home in on securing what is most important.

Speaker: Rich Thompson, Vice President, Global Sales Engineering, BlackBerry

Why Continuous Authentication has Replaced MFA

Duration: 16:36

Despite typically being in 90% of devices, multi-factor authentication (MFA) still is not the perfect solution to rely on for your entire workforce. Lacking security post-initial authentication and falling short for critical use cases like insider risk, MFA is only a starting point in creating effective Zero Touch continuous security.

Speaker: Pooja Kohli, Vice President, Product Management, BlackBerry

Mobile Threat Defense is More Important Than Ever

Duration: 19:19

With an influx of devices coming onto the network, securing mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. And with the widening IT skills gap, it is also important to merge the distinct challenges of mobile security with your current IT infrastructure so as to not overwhelm your workforce.

Speaker: Mark Swanson, Director, Enterprise Product Management, BlackBerry

Crimeware as a Service Increases

Duration: 14:18

Using crimeware as a service has matured and evolved, adding new possibilities and implications for cybersecurity. This session will address the newest trends in CaaS plus the new venture toward RaaS and exploring in, and against, the dark web.

Speaker: John Wood, Director, Professional Services Consulting, BlackBerry

Should I Build My Own Security Center or Use Yours?

Duration: 26:10

The expertise of a third party can revolutionize your endpoint security. With the capability to supply continuous management and product suites that guarantee comprehensive security, see the firsthand benefits you receive when you outsource your security needs to BlackBerry.

Speaker: Thomas Pace, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, BlackBerry

Work Anywhere

Duration: 15:13

Home as the new enterprise has introduced new challenges; the need for maximum security is at an all-time high as is the need to maintain worker productivity. Marry Zero Trust and Zero Touch security solutions to maximize the user experience while ensuring optimal privacy and security.

Speaker: Nigel Thompson, Vice President, Solutions Marketing, BlackBerry

First They Ransomed You, Then They Cryptojacked You!

Duration: 17:56

Cryptomining is a massive threat to your data, especially because it is so difficult to detect with standard response tools. Learn how BlackBerry and Intel’s new detection capabilities can help you hunt down cryptomining’s invisible malware.

Speakers: Ram Chary, Senior Director of Engineering, Intel Architecture, Graphics & Software Group, Intel

Bret Lenmark, Product Marketing Manager Senior, BlackBerry

It’s Time to Kill the VPN to Improve Security and Productivity

Duration: 26:10

It is time to throw away your old VPN that leaves your network open to an exponential number of attacks. Replace it with a virtual desktop. By modernizing your network access you can establish security beyond the firewall and enable anyone to work from anywhere.

Speaker: Sriram Krishnan, Product Management, Senior Director, BlackBerry

Fileless Attacks Growing in Sophistication

Duration: 14:15

Fileless attacks and fileless malware have grown in sophistication, especially in their ability to obfuscate and hide from both traditional and next-generation anti-virus. Join us to discover the techniques used by APT32/OceanLotus to attack their victims and learn how to replicate them to better test your defenses.

Speaker: Brian Robison, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry

Secure Communications Use Cases and Best Practices

Address how enhanced communication can protect your people and help you manage critical events, all without disturbing your business operations.

Every Second Counts

Duration: 14:44

In an emergency, every second counts when trying to reach your audience quickly and securely. BlackBerry® AtHoc® facilitates this critical moment. In this session, we will share how to harness limited resources to ensure safety, accountability and continuity of operations across different communities.

Speaker: Michael Akpata, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, BlackBerry AtHoc

Protect Mobile Communications with BlackBerry SecuSUITE

Duration: 7:16

Consumer apps such as WhatsApp and Signal are not appropriate to secure business communications from interception and contact spoofing. Learn how Conflict International deployed BlackBerry® SecuSUITE® quickly to ensure security, protection and safety for its teams.

Speakers: Stephen Komorek, U.S. Operations Director, Senior Special Investigator, Conflict International

David Wiseman, Vice President, Secure Communications, BlackBerry

Sustaining an Essential Service

Duration: 12:06

People rely on Blue Light agencies to respond to physical security and safety threats, but their services are not immune to the threats we all face. Learn how these agencies can maintain the expected level of efficiency and operational readiness even during this pandemic period.

Speaker: Chris Ullah, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, BlackBerry

Securing Government Mobile Communications

Duration: 16:03

Learn how CACI’s SteelBox powered by BlackBerry® SecuSUITE® provides the first secure mobile voice and messaging app in a FedRAMP environment with NSA CSfC-certified security and records act compliance so U.S. federal government agencies can communicate securely on standard iOS and Android devices.

Speakers: Kerry Leo, Vice President, CACI Capabilities and Technology Integration

David Wiseman, Vice President, Secure Communications, BlackBerry

Cybersecurity Trends and Strategies

The BlackBerry Security Strategy

Duration: 16:55

The prowess of BlackBerry and Cylance has given birth to new capabilities which in turn have enabled a new security strategy not previously available to security professionals. This Fireside Chat will review the strategy and tactical advantages that enable it.

Speakers: John McClurg, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, BlackBerry

Ryan Permeh, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Architect, BlackBerry

Zero Trust – Continuous Trust

Duration: 27:34

Zero Trust has evolved from just a buzzword to an integral part of modern security solutions. This session will explore the new developments that have aided in the realization of Zero Trust security and moved it from the aspirational world to the real world.

Speakers: John McClurg, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, BlackBerry

Ryan Permeh, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Architect, BlackBerry

Adversaries of the COVID World

Duration: 12:00

The COVID-19 culture has prompted a rise in the use of mobile devices, followed by these devices becoming the focus of sophisticated adversaries. This session will explore and dissect the trends of adversarial adaptation, particularly by the more sophisticated threat actors.

Speaker: Eric Cornelius, Chief Product Architect, BlackBerry

The New Software Bill of Materials for Product Security

Duration: 29:01

The nature and location of open-source software is a growing concern for mitigating vulnerabilities. With imminent new standards and Software Bills of Materials already being requested as an entry fee to the market, explore the best practices for grappling with this new challenge.

Speakers: Panel Speakers – Experts from MITRE Corporation, OSS Engineering Consultants, Risk Based Security and BlackBerry

The Internet of EVERYTHING

Duration: 25:33

In the increasingly connected world of IoT, attack vectors are proliferating as supply chain interests and other classic focus areas become increasingly blended. Explore what the connected reality and the Internet of Everything now require and how AI supports efforts to protect this new world.

Speakers: Christian Morin, Vice President Cloud Services, Genetec

Robert Portvliet, Practice Director, BlackBerry

5G – Benefits and Challenges

Duration: 18:46

5G: Both exciting and ambiguous in what it portends in the way of benefits and risks. This session will explore the challenges and the benefits this technology brings and how you can proactively position yourself securely.

Speakers: Panel Speakers – Experts from Verizon and BlackBerry

Magic 8-Ball: New Cybersecurity Laws? Signs Point to Yes

Duration: 23:59

The Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus Co-Founder/Cyberspace Solarium Commissioner joins us for a Fireside Chat that previews pending cybersecurity legislation and what it means for enterprise security decision-makers.

Speakers: The Honorable James R. Langevin, U.S. Representative, Rhode Island 2nd District

Marjorie Dickman, Chief Government Affairs and Public Policy Officer, BlackBerry

Advanced Threat Research and Intelligence

Get a quick overview of technical and functional best practices for BlackBerry products.

Decade of the RATs – Custom Chinese Linux Rootkits for Everyone

Duration: 35:28

In this session, you will learn about a nearly decade-long, undetected, state-sponsored espionage effort targeting the backbone of modern-day government. Hear the unique narrative of how Linux malware was detected from an interactive installation script, kernel rootkits and the attacker’s control panel.

Speaker: Kevin Livelli, Industry Relations Director, BlackBerry

Threat Research and Threat Intelligence Panel

Duration: 17:53

Join BlackBerry threat researchers and analysts for an in-depth retrospective of 2019 as they look to adapt to the current state of cybersecurity. Explore the threat trends, top malware actors, mobile security issues and identity access solutions of the past year.

Panel Speakers – Various BlackBerry Experts

Mobile Malware Reversing Methodologies

Duration: 26:51

During this session, BlackBerry will outline the capabilities and offerings currently available when it comes to off-the-shelf tools able to perform Mobile Malware Reversing analysis. We will also share the findings from our analysis of the Cerberus and xHelper mobile banking trojans.

Speaker: Jim Simpson, Threat Researcher Principal, BlackBerry

Reverse Engineering with PE Tree

Duration: 35:15

BlackBerry has developed a new, open-source tool catering to the reverse engineering community: PE Tree. In this session, the author of PE will demonstrate the basic operation of PE Tree as well as IDA Pro and Rekall integration, dumping PE files from memory and reconstructing imports.

Speaker: Tom Bonner, Distinguished Threat Researcher, BlackBerry

Day 2 – October 7, 2020

Unified Endpoint Security and Management Demos and How-tos

Discover how BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management use machine learning and Zero Trust to protect devices, networks, apps and people.

Build a Secure and Productive Remote Workforce

Duration: 14:44

With the majority of the workforce being remote, 80% of work is now being done outside of your perimeter. This does not have to be a bad thing. Join this session for a demo of the Productivity suite and a discussion on the increasingly important merger of user experience and security.

Speaker: Alex Willis, Vice President, Global Sales Engineering, BlackBerry

Modernize Your Network Access: VPNs Not Necessary

Duration: 19:07

Home as the new enterprise has redefined the best practices for establishing network access. Learn the limitations and vulnerabilities of maintaining a VPN and how modernizing your network access will better accommodate the influx of remote workers and unmanaged devices.

Speaker: Anthony Toric, Manager, Technical Sales Consulting, BlackBerry

Protecting Your Users and Reputation with the BlackBerry In-App Protection SDK

Duration: 13:44

In this session, you will learn about the new BlackBerry in-app protection solution. By embedding this new BlackBerry SDK into your mobile applications, you will realize the benefits of the BlackBerry Spark platform in the applications you build and distribute to your users, partners and customers.

Speaker: Matthew Parks, Senior Director, Enterprise Product Management, BlackBerry

Embedding the BlackBerry In-App Protection SDK into Your Applications

Duration: 9:29

In this session, developers and application owners will see how easy and efficient it is to integrate the new BlackBerry SDK into your mobile applications. See the SDK get embedded into an actual application in real time and gain insights into how the product can be utilized to protect your users and reputation.

Speaker: Mark Sohm, Senior Solutions Architect, BlackBerry

BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security Activation

Duration: 13:10

Establishing a comprehensive approach to endpoint security impacts your entire organization. A successful UES solution empowers you and your workforce to be secure without sacrificing productivity. Discover all the possibilities and benefits of securing your endpoints on a single, unified platform.

Speaker: Ross Rosenzweig, Sales Engineer Associate Principal, BlackBerry

How to Use Real-Time User Data for Better Security

Duration: 19:23

The BlackBerry focus on user experience and reducing the friction of Zero Trust security forms our modernized approach to security. Explore what it means to deploy a dynamic security policy and gain firsthand insight into BlackBerry® Persona with use use case‒driven demos.

Speaker: Andy Grayson, Principal Sales Engineer, BlackBerry

How to Use Biometric Security to Determine Trust

Duration: 27:22

Biometric security does not have to feel like a sci-fi movie. BlackBerry® Persona is already merging biometric elements with endpoint security to determine personalized trust. Discover all the elements, benefits and identity protection protocols of the future of biometric security.

Speaker: Todd Berger, Senior Director, Sales Engineering, BlackBerry

Secure Communications Demos and How-tos

Learn the tools you need to quickly and securely build, run and manage your crisis communications infrastructure.

Everything You Need to Know about BlackBerry AtHoc

Duration: 11:10

Join this session for a comprehensive exploration of the BlackBerry® AtHoc® crisis communication solution. Gain valuable insights on the capabilities and use cases of the product, and learn how to optimize your solution to ensure you always have situational awareness and control.

Speaker: Ramon Pinero, Vice President, Services, BlackBerry

Steps to Get Up and Running with BlackBerry AtHoc Managed Service

Duration: 11:42

Join us for an overview of how easy it is to deploy your BlackBerry® AtHoc® Managed Service. Make sure you are taking advantage of what it can offer and explore a library of templates and tutorials on how to get users into the system and how to set up and send alerts.

Speaker: Dave Kelley, Senior Director, Professional Services, BlackBerry

BlackBerry AtHoc Best Practices for Deployment and Operations

Duration: 35:00

Give your organization the communication response it needs to react easily to whatever is thrown its way. Unlock organizational-based security and emergency preparedness and learn best practices for making sure your BlackBerry® AtHoc® deployment is prepared, practiced and tested.

Speaker: Andy Axelson, Manager, Customer Advocacy Training, BlackBerry

Protecting the Public Through Effective Communication

Duration: 32:42

Communicating with the public in a secure, reliable way is vital to an organization’s operations. BlackBerry® AtHoc® provides effective communication solutions to reach all of the public. Whether they are local residents or temporary visitors, BlackBerry AtHoc has you—and your community—covered.

Speaker: Matt Moore, Business Development Manager, BlackBerry

BlackBerry AtHoc Integration with IT Operations

Duration: 26:44

Your data sources can coexist regardless of your organization’s size. Join this session for a range of demos on the setup and uses of SSO, Workday®, ISOS, Azure Active Directory, user data and authentication for deploying BlackBerry® AtHoc® for the enterprise.

Speaker: Gary Griner, Senior Technical Manager, Professional Services, BlackBerry

Secure Communication with BlackBerry SecuSUITE

Duration: 4:07

BlackBerry® SecuSUITE® is a government-certified communications app that offers voice calls and text messaging.

Review the main security benefits and learn how to quickly get set up and running with the BlackBerry SecuSUITE app.

Speaker: Emma Kurluk, User Experience Designer II, BlackBerry

Tech Talks and Product/Services Deep Dives

Get quick tips and insights on BlackBerry products and service offerings.

Increase Your Security Team’s Efficiency with BlackBerry Guard

Duration: 5:00

Security teams are constantly at risk of being overworked and need alert reduction. See how BlackBerry Guard’s advanced AI and Intel-based threat hunting detect and prevent threats on all endpoints, allowing your security team to focus on the threats that matter most.

Speaker: Kieran Evans, Senior CylanceGUARD Analyst, BlackBerry

Benefits of a Best-of-Breed EPP, EDR and MTD Solution

Duration: 4:17

Whether BYO or COBO, if an endpoint is on the network, it needs to be secure. The BlackBerry EPP, EDR and MTD solution not only protects your endpoints, but makes them your allies. Learn to leverage these solutions to enable continuous authentication and prevent malware across your entire organization.

Speaker: Robin Sundin, Sales Engineer Associate Principal, BlackBerry

Human-Proof Your Mobile Endpoint Security with BlackBerry Persona

Duration: 7:07

Your workforce is adaptive and dynamic, so your security policies should be built to match. Join this session to learn how BlackBerry Persona’s predictive AI allows your security policy to respond to users, location and devices and removes the friction of Zero Trust security.

Speaker: Andy Grayson, Principal Sales Engineer, BlackBerry

The Benefits of a Single, Modern Console

Duration: 4:12

Cybersecurity challenges are complicated, but your solution management does not have to be. Adopt a unified console to centralize your management, improve your solution flexibility and provide your team with full visibility into your security posture and mobile threats.

Speaker: Jeffrey Jeyachandren, Solutions Architect, BlackBerry

Improve Operational Productivity by Integrating UES with UEM

Duration: 4:46

The integrated BlackBerry UES and UEM solutions offer many operational benefits. From limiting the total cost of operation to streamlining workflow, integrating your UES and UEM solutions allows you to achieve the security and productivity that match your needs.

Speaker: Fiona Poulos, Senior Product Marketing Manager, BlackBerry

Benefits of Deploying UES with ZTNA

Duration: 11:00

The current anytime, anywhere, any-device nature of corporate data access poses challenges to both security and business continuity. BlackBerry Secure Gateway supports this access by ensuring a “never trust, always verify” approach that leverages UES to enable maximum security and productivity.

Speaker: Baldeep Dogra, Director, Solutions Marketing, BlackBerry