BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher

Your Secure Mobile Desktop for Business

Everything for Business in One Secure Place

The BlackBerry® Dynamics Launcher is the single, secure mobile desktop that allows users to access all their business apps and tools from one place. Built into all apps on the BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, including ISV apps and custom-developed apps, the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher enables enterprise users to stay productive by completing key business workflows on their mobile devices.

Powerful Mobile Workflows

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is built to facilitate collaboration. It allows users to complete workflows quickly and efficiently, so that mobile work is as effortless as that done on a desktop.

Users can easily navigate to and from all their business tools and apps with just a couple of taps—without the hassle of opening and closing the apps. Accessible from any stage of a business process—whether working in the inbox, during a chat, or while document editing—the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher streamlines workflows to keep users as productive as possible.

Fast User Adoption

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher drives user adoption and simplifies app discoverability by providing a single place for users to access approved business apps. Users no longer need to waste time searching for the right apps in a stack of personal apps.
IT can configure specific apps into the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, and users can then personalize which apps appear, so accessing commonly used apps is easier than ever.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher works on Android, iOS®, Windows® 10 and macOS, enabling maximum flexibility on any and multiple devices.

Easy Rollout of Apps for IT

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher makes it easy for IT to roll out any business application for their users. This includes BlackBerry Dynamics apps, third-party ISV apps, custom developed apps, and even HTML5 web apps. IT has the power to roll out different apps and set app policies for individual profiles, so that each user sees only the apps and services to which they are entitled. Users get a personalized mobile desktop that consists of all the apps they need.

Industry-Leading Security

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher enables enterprises to securely mobilize their workforce. Because IT can configure which apps go into the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, only approved apps will be used, eliminating the risk of data leakage. These applications are built on BlackBerry Dynamics, which delivers the best security for mobile enterprise apps in the market. With FIPS-validated cryptography, Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification and years of use in the most demanding industries (including government, defense, intelligence and finance), it is the gold standard for mobile security.

Free Trial

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