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What is personnel accountability?

Personnel accountability

Personnel accountability is the process for communicating, assessing and confirming the status and condition of all personnel within an organization. The more timely this information, the more valuable it is for generating better decisions during an emergency. Best practices in this area include training for HR and personnel managers, an engaged workforce, and the connectivity to send and receive personnel status reports and updates in real time.

What do you need to know?

In times of crisis, managers at all levels of the organization must know, in real time:

  • Where everyone is
  • What every team member is doing
  • The status of every assigned task
  • Whether the tasks being performed are properly assigned to a given group or individual
  • Who has taken over responsibility for others unreachable or unavailable for their primary tasks

Every lapse in accountability leaves people and property at risk – and increases the likelihood that a manageable situation might escalate out of control.

How can you achieve an effective personnel accountability practice?

BlackBerry® AtHoc® is an ideal platform for a variety of personnel accountability scenarios. The guaranteed message delivery, with direct support for multiple forms of wired, wireless, direct, and social media channels, works seamlessly with a broad range of personnel accountability software applications, with support for crisis management and post-crisis recovery.

How can BlackBerry support smarter personnel accountability?

BlackBerry AtHoc is a software-based emergency communications platform designed specifically to integrate seamlessly and easily with all personnel accountability programs. Designed to deliver streamlined messaging and response, it provides the feedback and flexibility that enables accountability when time is of the essence. A wide range of features offer your organization:

  • An automated accountability process
  • Simplified, secure messaging
  • Automated escalation and continuity
  • Top-down, bottom-up communications

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