BlackBerry Expands Embedded Software Delivery with New Partner Program

March 16, 2017

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(March 16, 2017) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) today announced the addition of a new specialized Value-Added Integrator (VAI) program that will build a worldwide network of experts trained on BlackBerry QNX and Certicom technologies. The VAI program allows partners to deliver integration services and build upon BlackBerry's embedded technologies to design and develop secure, mission-critical solutions - ultimately accelerating product time to market.

"The explosion of unsecured Internet of Things devices and embedded systems has presented a tremendous opportunity for security and software solutions. As such, we are experiencing strong demand for BlackBerry QNX embedded software and Certicom Elliptical Curve Cryptography-based security solutions," said John Wall, senior vice president and head of BlackBerry QNX. "Our new VAI program will enable us to reach broader markets and expand our channels of distribution for a wider range of embedded applications that demand highly reliable and secure software solutions."

VAI partners will provide support for technologies and services including BlackBerry's QNX Neutrino Realtime OS, QNX Momentics Tool Suite, QNX Hypervisor, QNX SDK for Apps & Media, QNX Wireless Framework, QNX OS for Safety, QNX OS for Medical, Certicom Toolkits, Certicom Managed Public Key Infrastructure and Certicom Asset Management System. Applications include automotive systems, medical surgical robots, smart grids, train control systems and industrial automation.

The following quotes are from early partners participating in the VAI program, including Archermind Technology, Mcloudware, Micon Global, Mission Embedded, and ThunderSoft:

"We work closely with chipset vendors, OEMs and ODMs to build cost-effective turnkey embedded solutions in China and globally. We're excited about the opportunity to deepen our expertise in BlackBerry QNX's safety- and security-certified embedded software, which will enable us to accelerate and reduce the cost to build and secure such products as white goods, automated fare collection systems, and commercial buses." - Jackey Yang, Executive Vice President and Co-founder, ArcherMind Technology

"As a member of BlackBerry QNX's VAI program in Taiwan, we will provide a value-added experience for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies using BlackBerry QNX's renowned embedded software including its safety- and security-certified realtime operating systems, middleware, Type 1 hypervisor and multimedia software and tools. This program will help speed embedded system integration and time-to-market for our customers across the industrial, transportation, medical and IoT markets." - Richard Yao, Vice President of Sales, Mcloudware

"Micon is excited for the opportunity to expand our technology services into the realm of secure manufacturing systems. Leveraging our expertise in secure supply chains and Certicom's security solutions, we can help semiconductor companies manage and secure their supply chain. From wafer manufacturing to packaging to final product production, Certicom's AMS can ensure device traceability and provenance - critical requirements for the evolving world of smart, trusted devices." - Tal Oren, CEO, Micon Global

"With an innovation track record going back more than 30 years, we have great expertise in developing and deploying mission-critical embedded systems globally. We're excited to partner with BlackBerry QNX. This allows us to offer the safety- and security-certified QNX product platform to shorten customers' design processes in a wide range of markets requiring a mission-critical infrastructure. These include transportation, medical, defence, air traffic management, as well as industrial applications." - Michael Kreilmeier, Managing Director, Mission Embedded GmbH

"ThunderSoft continues to deliver value to customers through our software and services. BlackBerry's VAI program will enable us to provide our customers with a strong software platform to leverage BlackBerry QNX's embedded safety and security software across the industrial, IoT, medical and virtual reality markets in China and throughout the world. Working with BlackBerry QNX, our expert team of engineers will help customers accelerate the design, development, integration and testing of mission-critical, next-generation systems." - Rock Yang, Vice President, ThunderSoft

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