NEXTY Electronics to Develop Secure, Safety-Critical Embedded Solutions with BlackBerry QNX Technology

May 16, 2019

TOKYO, JAPAN -- (May 16, 2019) - NEXTY Electronics Corporation, an electronics trading company of the Toyota Tsusho Group, today announced it has joined BlackBerry Limited’s (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB), BlackBerry QNX Distributor and Value-Added Integrator (VAI) Program, which aims to build a worldwide network of technology expert partners  trained on BlackBerry’s QNX and Certicom technologies. 

A core company of the Toyota Tsusho Group’s electronics business, NEXTY Electronics is top-class in the car electronics field, offering autonomous driving technology cultivated in the field. The company also provides innovative, connected technology solutions for application to industry peripherals, such as agricultural machinery to address technology challenges. Through its global network, NEXTY Electronics is enhancing its strengths in technology, quality and functionality by advancing the delivery of integration services using BlackBerry’s embedded technologies.

"As technology advances and old industries are transformed, NEXTY Electronics is focused on ensuring the evolution of car electronics and accelerating innovation in industrial equipment and IoT,” said Atsushi Aoki, President of NEXTY Electronics. “In partnership with BlackBerry, we will strengthen our capabilities in sophisticated product development and manufacturing to realize next-generation mobility systems, helping to ensure safer and more secure connected transportation with BlackBerry’s trusted embedded technologies.”

The BlackBerry QNX Distributor and VAI program provides partners with access to its broad portfolio of trusted software, cryptography solutions and engineering expertise, which allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to accelerate the design, development, integration and testing of mission-critical systems in automotive, manufacturing and other industries, ultimately increasing time to market. 

"We are excited to announce that NEXTY Electronics, part of the Toyota Tsusho Group, is joining BlackBerry QNX’s global network of Distributor and VAI partners,” said Kaivan Karimi, senior vice president and co-head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions. “Japan, an innovative world leader in electronics and manufacturing, is a very important market for BlackBerry. Today’s news underlines BlackBerry’s ongoing commitment to Japan’s next-generation industrial sector and its vision for ‘Mobility as a Service’ systems that help society.   We are committed to supporting Japan’s pursuit of safety and security excellence in connected transportation, and its future as we move towards multi-modal autonomous mobility.”

Partners in the BlackBerry QNX Distributor and VAI Program provide support for technologies and services including BlackBerry QNX’s broad portfolio of safety-certified and secure software products and development tools, and BlackBerry Certicom toolkits, BlackBerry Certicom Managed Public Key Infrastructure, and BlackBerry Certicom Asset Management System which is developed to secure the supply chain. These BlackBerry technologies lend themselves to application to mission critical systems such as automotive, medical and surgical robots, smart grids, drones, train control systems and industrial automation among many others.

Other partners participating in the BlackBerry QNX Distributor and VAI Program include: Archermind Technology, Mcloudware, Micon Global, Mission Embedded, ThunderSoft, Witekio Corporation, Tata Elxsi, Ocube, Inc, Sasken Technologies, Tritech, Fujisoft Incorporated, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd, ISB Corporation, Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd.

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NEXTY Electronics pursues top-class scale business in car electronics sectors, such as advanced safety and autonomous driving, for which markets are expanding. In addition to driving the electronics industry by leveraging the collective strengths of the Toyota Tsusho group, the company provides

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