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Frost & Sullivan Names BlackBerry IVY an Industry Leading Edge-to-Cloud Software Platform for Automakers & Smart Cities

June 23, 2021

WATERLOO, ONTARIO – June 23, 2021 –  BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced that Frost & Sullivan has named BlackBerry IVY™ an industry leading edge-to-cloud software platform for automakers and smart cities.  In the published report, Frost & Sullivan conclude that BlackBerry is revolutionizing the connected-autonomous ecosystem with BlackBerry IVY.   

The report reviews the key challenges faced by the automotive industry today as vehicles become increasingly complex and connected.  Frost & Sullivan state that BlackBerry IVY uniquely meets the needs of the automotive industry as it standardizes data access across all vehicles, regardless of brand, operating system, and cloud deployment model.  BlackBerry IVY enables automakers to control ownership of vehicle data, applies intelligence to data capture, and ensures data is secure.  BlackBerry IVY will also greatly advance the consumer experience automakers deliver, by enabling collaboration with the developer community, opening new revenue streams for the industry.     

The report goes on to determine that a common vehicle platform must extend to smart cities, which creates an IoT market forecasted to reach over $45 billion by 2025.  BlackBerry IVY unifies industries and paves the way for advanced smart cities, where communication between vehicles, infrastructure and third parties is seamless.  Stakeholders across the connected-autonomous ecosystem will benefit from a single platform for vehicles and smart cities, including automakers, the developer community, governments, enterprises, and consumers.           

“Connected-autonomous vehicles are the enabler for smart cities, which means the keys to the car are becoming the keys to the Internet of Things,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry.  “We are delighted that BlackBerry IVY has been named an industry leading platform for automakers and smart cities.  BlackBerry IVY transforms the dream of a unified connected-autonomous IoT into a reality and strengthens our existing market leadership position.”

"BlackBerry IVY is a revolutionary, intelligent, edge-to-cloud software platform, which unites automotive industry participants to accelerate the development of connected-autonomous vehicles while simultaneously enabling smart cities around the world,” said Nicolas Inchaustegui, Senior Consultant, Automotive, Transportation & Mobility, Frost & Sullivan.  “Today, BlackBerry has a significant footprint across the automotive industry and is central to smart cities.  With IVY, BlackBerry becomes even more fundamental to these markets.”

To download the Frost & Sullivan report click here.

For more information on BlackBerry IVY click here.

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