BlackBerry Launches QNX Everywhere to Address Global Embedded Software Developer Skills Shortage

January 10, 2024

New QNX Everywhere initiative offers easy access to QNX software for academia, advanced research organizations and hobbyists to boost skills development

CES, LAS VEGAS – January 10, 2024 – BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today launched QNX® Everywhere, a new initiative to address growing global demand for highly-skilled embedded systems’ developers. As markets including automotive, industrial, robotics and medical pursue a software-defined future, software engineers familiar with the most popular platforms and technologies are in high demand. With QNX Everywhere, BlackBerry is offering easy access for students, academic and research organizations, and hobbyists to develop knowledge of QNX® technologies that are trusted by the leading eight medical device manufacturers and more than 45 of the leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

“Embedded devices are becoming increasingly software-defined, complex and pervasive, at a speed that is outpacing the talent market’s ability to upskill on practical knowledge,” said Grant Courville, VP, Products and Strategy, BlackBerry QNX. “The QNX Everywhere initiative offers frictionless access to QNX software for students, hobbyists, and academic and advanced research organizations. By making QNX accessible to these enthusiasts and groups, we hope to increase availability of valuable skills across the global developer ecosystem.”

QNX Everywhere will introduce elements including self-service access to QNX software, on-demand training, QNX-optimized open-source projects and easy access to cloud-enabled development tools. Additionally, QNX will be providing support for broadly available, low-cost CPU boards to help enable developers to easily design and test their software on embedded hardware.

The initiative will commence in early 2024, with further details to be available on the website in coming weeks.

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