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BBM Terms of Service

Notice of Change - Last Updated 2015-02-02

Previously, the BBM Terms of Service consisted of multiple versions of the terms of service that were tailored for each country to account for applicable local laws and requirements. As such, users were required to select the country in which they reside to view the applicable terms of service. In order to make the management and updating of the BBM Terms of Service easier and more efficient, we have consolidated the provisions that deal with applicable local laws and requirements into one "global" version of the BBM Terms of Service. While some of these provisions can be found in other sections of the BBM Terms of Service, the majority can be found in the new section 24 ("Jurisdiction Specific Terms"). These provisions are only applicable to you if you reside in the applicable country and are not new to the BBM Terms of Service. For example, the previous version of the BBM Terms of Service that was specific to Australia included the provisions that are now found in section 24(a) of the new BBM Terms of Service. Simply put, we are not changing the substance of the terms of service; rather we have reorganized them into one version that is available in multiple languages.

In addition, as advertising has become a more prominent feature of BBM, we have expanded the explanation of how BlackBerry works with advertisers and ad service providers to deliver relevant content to you. While this was dealt with within the provisions of section 17 in previous versions of the BBM Terms of Service, we decided it would be easier for users if we created a dedicated subsection that deals with advertising. This information can be found in the new subparagraph 17(i). 

These BBM Terms of Service were introduced on February 02, 2015. If you upgrade your version of BBM to one of the upcoming new versions of BBM, you must indicate your agreement to the new Terms of Service in order to proceed. If you do not upgrade and continue to use an older version of BBM, these BBM Terms of Service will become effective on March 01, 2015.

Please select your language from the list below to view the applicable version of the BBM Terms of Services.