Support for Good Solutions

Legacy Support and Maintenance Terms

These Support and Maintenance Terms apply to Good for Enterprise, Good EMM Suites and to Good Secure Applications, collectively “Good” proprietary software products. For clarity, these Support and Maintenance Terms do not apply to Good Powered by BlackBerry Secure Software* or the associated Good Secure Suites.

Please note that Good does not warrant, support or maintain any third party product, even if such product is resold by Good, or used in connection with Good products or services.


“Add-On Products” as used herein means software modules or services provided by Good or its partner with functionality and features that are supplemental or additional to core Software functionality and may be enabled or disabled or held back without delivery by Good without disrupting a Customer’s use of such Software functionality.

“Application” means a Customer-proprietary or third-party mobile device software application program that has been wrapped in accordance with the Documentation or modified by Customer or any Good-authorized third party developer in accordance with the Good Dynamics Software Development Kit (SDK) Developer Terms and Conditions, to use and/or incorporate any of the Good Dynamics Software. “Application” also includes bug fixes, updates, and upgrades of such third-party software application programs. Applications may be available on a commercial basis from Good-approved software vendors and third-party resellers (e.g., iTunes or Android Market, etc.). Certain Applications may be resold by Good; however, unless otherwise expressly stated on the Order Form, Good does not support or license any resold Applications. For clarity, Applications are not Good Software and Good does not warrant, support or maintain Applications.

“Customer” means an enterprise or government organization that is a licensee for the Software.

“Eligible Customer” means a Customer who is current on support and maintenance payments to Good for the entire duration of time for which Customer has had each license or a Customer that has licensed Software on a subscription term basis and has paid all applicable fees.

“End of Life” means the date after which Good will no longer offer and Customer will no longer receive service and support for such Software. Good shall provide notice of such End of Life Software at

“Good” means Good Technology Corporation.

“Ineligible Customer” means a Customer who is not current on support and maintenance payments to Good for the entire duration of time for which Customer has had each license or a Customer that has not remitted all fees associated with Software licensed on a subscription term basis. An Ineligible Customer may become an Eligible Customer with Good’s written confirmation that such Customer has either satisfied its payment obligations in arrears for licenses previously purchased OR purchased new licenses at the then current license rates.

“Major Release” as used herein means a release designated by Good as a major version release with material enhancements and/or additional features, typically designated either (i) as a change in version number to the left of the decimal and/or (ii) a release of a newly supported handset platform operating system or data source.

“Permanent Solution” shall mean a patch, service pack, or build and is only applicable when no resolution or workaround is available.

“Software” means the Software Customer has licensed under an Order Form that has been accepted by Good or a Good authorized reseller. For clarity, Software includes Good Dynamics Software.

“Supported Software” means Good’s Software that is supported under the terms of this agreement at the level of support as specified in the applicable Order Form. Good reserves the sole discretion to modify what Software is excluded from the support and maintenance terms set forth below. Supported Software does not include Applications. Support for client Applications is solely the responsibility of the Developer associated with each Application. Please contact the Application Developer for technical support, questions or errors that are specific to an Application.

“Supplements” as used herein means all patches, bug fixes, and minor upgrades (releases without enhancements or new features) of the Software which Good makes generally available, typically designated as a change in version number to the right of the decimal place.

“Update Frequency” means updates provided by Good to the Customer concerning the Incident.


Good will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the hosted services performed by Good’s network operation center with Customer’s server across a wired network and with supported handheld devices wirelessly available to Customer at least 99.50% of the time, excluding excusable downtime (e.g., scheduled maintenance or causes beyond Good’s reasonable control).


3.1 Eligible Customers:

Good will make all Major Versions and related documentation available to Eligible Customers for no additional fee when they are generally made available to Good’s other direct Eligible Customers receiving support and maintenance services. Good is not required to provide new functionality or new software products, however. Add-On Products associated with a Major Version release may be excluded or disabled in Good’s sole discretion subject to the payment of additional license and/or support fees.

3.2 Ineligible Customers:

Good shall have the right but never the obligation to provide Major Versions and Supplements to Ineligible Customers, in Good’s sole discretion. Ineligible Customers on unsupported Major Versions are at their own risk in any continued use of such versions and must become Eligible Customers to receive any currently supported Major Versions.


Good will have no liability for any changes in Customer’s hardware, software, or other systems which may be necessary to use the Software due to the installation of a Supplement. Customer shall cooperate with Good as reasonably requested by Good in connection with the provision of support services to the extent necessary to provide the services. Such activities may include, without limitation, the following:

  • Document and submit a reproducible test case to Good
  • Provide background information
  • Describe any troubleshooting steps taken by Customer
  • Describe, if applicable, any changes to the Software environment
  • If requested, submit validated log, configuration and other files to Good for analysis
  • Provide timely and accurate responses to Good’s requests
  • Provide timely feedback on fixes and recommendations
  • Provide requested documentation on Customer network, and Exchange, Domino or other supported environments
  • Provide access to third party vendor support as required
  • Provide all documentation requested by Good Technical Support in relation to incidents reported
  • Provide designated point of contact for each incident reported
  • Provide access to all networking statistics that may be requested by Good in relation to incidents reported


(Note: not available for all countries/carriers and some plans may not be available for all Software.) Good shall provide Eligible Customers with the elected level of support as set forth under an Order Form for the applicable Software. Good reserves the right to modify plan features from time to time on a prospective basis. Support shall not include Application development, Application troubleshooting, or Application debugging.

Extended Plan

The following services are included under the Extended Plan:

Coverage. Good will provide Eligible Customers technical support via telephone and email that includes: (i) clarification of functions and features of the Supported Software, (ii) clarification of documentation pertaining to the Supported Software, (iii) guidance in the operation of the Supported Software, and (iv) troubleshooting of error messages displayed within the Supported Software.

Support also includes:

  • Access to the online Support Portal providing world wide web access to log support requests, to access Good’s online knowledge base of technical information and to access Good’s electronic provisioning.
  • Technical updates containing technical bulletins and bug reports as they are made available to assist Eligible Customers in the installation and implementation of the Software and to provide assistance concerning the identification, diagnosis, and correction of any failure of the Software to substantially conform to the specifications set forth in Good’s applicable documentation (an “Error”).
  • Support will be provided by Good only to the four (4) Eligible Customer designated contacts, as designated pursuant to an email notice to (“Designated Contacts”). At least one Designated Contact will be identified who can be reached 24x7. An Eligible Customer may change the identity of any Designated Contact upon email notice to Good sent to, provided that at no time will the number of Designated Contacts exceed four. Each Customer will be responsible for providing technical support directly to its users.
  • Upgrade Notification – Notification of availability of software upgrades and service releases.

Error Correction. Good will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct any material errors or problems identified by Eligible Customers (each an “Incident”) in accordance with the priority level reasonably assigned to such Incident by Good. Customers will notify Good promptly of any suspected Incident and will provide sufficient detail to allow Good to reproduce the Incident on its systems (an “Incident Report”). Good may perform remote diagnostics to determine the existence and nature of an Incident, subject to the Customer’s reasonable security policies. Good is not required to provide Customers any support, maintenance, or other services that are not expressly provided for in these Support and Maintenance Terms or under the Agreement. If additional support services are necessary, Good and Customer shall agree upon the terms for providing such services under an Order Form. Good shall also have the right but never the obligation to provide Incident corrections and Supplements to Ineligible Customers, in Good’s sole discretion.

Exclusions. Good will have no obligation of any kind to provide support services for problems in the operation or performance of the Software caused by any of the following (each a “Customer-Generated Incident”): (i) non Good software or hardware products or carrier network and setup issues; (ii) alteration, damage, or modification to the Software not made or authorized by Good; (iii) problems caused by Customer’s negligence, abuse or misapplication, (iv) Customer’s use of the Software other than as permitted by the License, by law or as provided in the Documentation, or (v) failure to timely install Supplements. If Good determines that it is necessary to perform support services for a problem caused by a Customer-Generated Incident, then Good will so advise Customer as soon as reasonably possible and Good will have the right to: (a) decline to provide such services; or (b) by agreement with Customer use reasonable efforts to perform such services and invoice Customer at Good’s then current standard time and materials rates for such services.

Backward Compatibility. Good has no obligation to support, host or maintain any version of the Software for more than one (1) year after an End-of-Life notice is issued. Moreover, Good may require the installation and deployment of the appropriate Supplements as a condition to its support obligations. Ineligible Customers on unsupported versions are at their own risk in any continued use of such versions and must become Eligible Customers to receive any currently supported versions.

Premium Plan

Includes all of the services described for the Extended Plan as well as:

  • 4 additional Designated Contacts (for a total of 8)
  • Designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) –A single point of contact for regular ongoing communication and resolution of any outstanding issues (subject to payment of a separate TAM fee)
  • New Release Previews – Early access to new releases via electronic download site.

Terms and conditions for discontinued support plans are available upon request to existing customers of such plans.

* Technical Support Terms and Conditions for Good Powered by BlackBerry Secure Software can be located at:

Support Plan Chart Overview of services:




Product release reviews



Technical Account Management



Server Monitoring (applicable for Good For Enterprise only)



Priority queuing



Upgrade Notifications



Designated Contacts




24 x 7

24 x 7

Contact Methods

Email, web, phone

Email, web, phone


Full Access

Full Access

Response Time Priority 1

60 minutes

30 minutes

Update Frequency Priority 1

Every 4 hours

Every 2 hours

Response Time Priority 2

2 hours

60 minutes

Update Frequency Priority 2

2 business days

1 business day

Response Time Priority 3

4 hours

2 hours

Update Frequency Priority 3

5 business days

3 business days


  1. Customer configuration issues are not covered by the priority definitions and response\resolution\solution times listed above. Reasonable efforts will be made by Good to assist the Customer and highlight any configurations issues.
  2. Priority definitions will be mutually agreed upon between the Customer and Good.
  3. Good will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the timelines posted below based on the Support plan designated for the Software on the Order.
  4. The target times stated for response, resolution and solution are applicable when the issue resides with Good, i.e. issue has been logged, verified and validated and Good is not waiting for further information from the Customer.


Incident Priority

Priority Definition

Priority 1

In the event any or all of the following occur and no workaround is immediately available:

  • Parties have agreed that the Incident is has a critical business impact and amounts to a Priority 1
  • The Good server is not functioning according to the Specifications such that no data is being delivered to ANY connected clients
  • Good Server Software is unavailable for downloading
  • Server security is breached
  • Continuous or near continuous interruption of service
  • Critical production issue making the Software unusable or unavailable for majority of Users

Priority 2

In the event any of the following occur and no workaround is immediately available:

  • Parties have agreed that the Incident is significant and amounts to a Priority 2
  • The Good server is not functioning according to the Specifications such that data is being delivered to ALL connected clients with significant delays (> 60 minutes).
  • A major function of the Software is not working according to the Documentation or significant performance degradation us experienced. The issue is persistent and affects many Users.
  • Also includes time-sensitive administrative services such as provisioning of users and features.
  • Intermittent interruption of service

Priority 3

In the event any or all of the following occur:

  • Supported client not functioning according to the Specifications such that data is not being synched
  • Parties have agreed that Incident is moderate to minor and amounts to a Priority 3
  • Client Software is unavailable for download
  • Client security is breached
  • Major functionality may be impacted for one User or a small number of Users
  • A minor function of the Software is not working according to the Documentation or minor performance degradation is experienced.
  • Workaround generally available