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Overcoming VPN Limitations and Modernizing Remote Access with ZTNA

Modernize Your Organization's Secure Access Strategy with ZTNA

Deliver remote access more simply, intelligently, reliably, and securely than traditional VPNs

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group research shows that 75% of organizations now use public cloud infrastructure services. Additionally, 63% of employees work either remotely or in a hybrid manner (meaning they regularly require remote access), and 34% of the users accessing corporate resources are third parties. Theis just shows the nature of work has fundamentally changed in recent years. The growing prevalence of virtual workforceshas added a new wrinkle to how and where users need secure remote access. 

ESG and BlackBerry share momentous insights on the critical need of secure, high-performance, and flexible remote access. In this  paper, you will learn:

  • Limitations with legacy VPN technology
  • The role of ZTNA in a VPN replacement strategy
  • The benefits organizations reap with Zero Trust
  • CylanceGATEWAY™ is the ZTNA for today and the future