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Mass Notifications from BlackBerry to Critical Event Management

Why BlackBerry AtHoc?

BlackBerry AtHoc is simple to use, fast, and extremely reliable. It is also one of the most configurable systems on the market and integrates easily with other systems.

Full Coverage Communication

Coordinate an emergency response with fewer resources. Simple to use and compatible across devices and systems. Partner agencies don’t need to opt in to receive your messages.

Independent Communication

Maintain constant communication—even during a breach. Diminish chaos and retain capacity to communicate and coordinate as any crisis unfolds.

Centralized Command Center

Reduce the risk of human error. Improve information for decision-making. Reduce risk of being single point of failure.


Activate your full emergency response in less than 10 minutes. Disseminate information faster across public and private channels.


Centralize all communication and operate from one dashboard. Prevent human error and minimize mistakes with a single source of truth.  


Collect high-value evidence during golden hour and help ensure compliance. Document your communications and improve future training with auditable incident records.