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Cyberwar, developed by Vice TV, sees Ben Makuch travel the world to meet with hackers, government officials and dissidents to investigate the ecosystem of cyberwarfare. Explore the real life episodes and learn how you can invest in a Prevention First approach of your most business critical assets such as your Enterprise, Data and People!

Highlighted Episodes

APT (Advanced Persistent Threats)

Some Nation States and their mercenary cyber experts have made it their full time business to attack government and business systems with the aim of stealing intellectual property to boost their own industrial complex. 

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Major Australian companies experienced significant and public ransomware attacks in the last year. The techniques are largely set in playbooks still in use, and the fall out can have significant and long lasting impacts.

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IOT Security

The speed of device innovation is outpacing the capability or organisations to provide the necessary security layer to deal with the huge volumes of new endpoints. 

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AI Proliferation

As Artificial Intelligence grows and evolves to become more powerful, the only way to defend against AI-based cyber attacks will be with AI-backed security platforms. 

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MITRE ATT&CK APT29 Evaluation
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