It’s Human Nature-Proof.

CylancePERSONA™ uses adaptive security and AI to protect mobile endpoints from every threat, including employee mistakes and well-intentioned workarounds.

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Smarter Security that Travels and Adjusts with Your Users

Instead of applying inflexible, static policies, now you can continuously adapt your security and policy posture to keep pace with the fast-changing risks experienced by users.  CylancePERSONA:

  • Instantly knows when to shut down lost, cloned or impersonated devices
  • Enables streamlined access to apps and services without having to re-authenticate when in trusted locations
  • Uses machine learning and predictive AI to dynamically adapt a security policy based on behavioral and location patterns, network trust, device and app DNA, and time and usage anomalies.
  • Proactively quarantines devices and apps before they can be used for malicious purposes.

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Unlock Productivity Without Sacrificing Security

CylancePERSONA Use Cases

Image of woman entering door code
Regional Manager enters a bank branch

Anne is the regional manager for a major retail bank. With CylancePERSONA, when she enters a retail branch, her presence is detected based on her mobile device’s geolocation. Her access to privileged apps appropriate for her role is automatically enabled upon her arrival. When she leaves, that access is disabled.

Image of woman typing on keyboard
Malicious hacker tries to access app

Sally is an inside sales employee who primarily works from a corporate office. When CylancePERSONA detects a combination of IP address, location and time that aren't possible based on her last known access, it immediately denies access and takes remediating action to automate a logout, add the IP address to a watchlist and alert BlackBerry® UEM of the high-risk event.

Image of soldier
Colonel enters a restricted zone

Colonel Smith works at a government military base that has a restricted, high-security zone. With CylancePERSONA, upon entering this zone, his camera and Bluetooth® connection are disabled and access to restricted websites is enabled. When he leaves, camera and Bluetooth are enabled and restricted website access is disabled.