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BlackBerry Spark Suites

Where Zero Trust Meets Zero Touch

BlackBerry Spark® Suites leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to provide improved cyber threat prevention and remediation, while offering visibility to help you manage all endpoints.

Trusted Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management

BlackBerry Spark Suites offer the broadest set of security capabilities, management tools and visibility covering people, devices, networks, apps, and automation. It integrates all the technologies, allowing them to work seamlessly to streamline workflow and simplify admin processes to reduce operational costs, while offering optimal TCO.

UES: AI-Enabled Security Across All Endpoints

BlackBerry Spark is built to enable a Zero Trust security environment, focused on protection across any endpoint and continuously validating that trust at every event or transaction. By validating user actions, it continuously authenticates users to deliver a Zero Touch experience that improves security with no user interruption. 

UEM: Advanced Device and Application Management

Your network is expanding with more endpoints than ever before. With a combination of security innovation, management tools, platform stability, deep experience across operational environments, and enhanced productivity applications, BlackBerry Spark Suites deliver the right capabilities to support your endpoint management and workforce productivity needs.

Protect Against Phishing & Malware

By the time Neil learned about a recent spike in phishing and malware attacks, it would have been too late… BlackBerry AI security is always running on mobile devices, laptops, and servers.

Hyper-productive Working from Home

All Anna had to do was download a single application and now she has secure access to her email, calendar and corporate web apps—all from her personal computer.

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BlackBerry Spark® UEM Express Suite

Boost productivity and reduce cost with secure access to key business tools and analytics.

  • MDM
  • MAM
  • Secure PIM
  • Browser & IM
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Mobile App Security
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Analytics
BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite

Equip organizations with additional security for file protection, and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

  • UEM Express Suite +
  • Regulated Sector Controls
  • Secure Document Access/Editing
  • SDK/ISV & Customer Apps
  • UEM Notifications
BlackBerry Spark® UES Suite

AI-Driven Continuous Authentication, next generation Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), endpoint protection and Endpoint Detection and Response.

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Mobile Threat Defense
  • User & Entity Behavior Analytics
BlackBerry Spark® Suite

UEM Suite + UES Suite features for full Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management.

  • BlackBerry Spark UEM Suite +
  • BlackBerry Spark UEM Suite
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