Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

BlackBerry’s success, and the success of the global communities we operate and live in, is dependent on social resiliency. We are committed to enabling a more equitable world for all.

Driving Diversity, Equity And Inclusion For All

Harnessing cultural diversity is essential for a cohesive society and a thriving economy. We are committed to investing in the strength of our workforce and fostering inclusive growth around the world.

Education For All

Education For All

Education is a foundational building block for prosperous and equitable societies. We are committed to enabling education for all, through investments in BlackBerry’s workforce, helping to close the global cybersecurity skills gap, and empowering girls in developing countries to stay in school. Furthermore, our partnerships with Universities and other organizations enable inclusive education and unleash talent into the global workforce.

A Smart World

Smart cities enable sustainability and spur economic growth. Did you know cities use <2% of the earth's surface, yet consume >75% of the natural resources available globally? Plus, smart cities can accelerate quality of life improvements, in developing countries in particular. BlackBerry is on a mission to build a trusted smart world, and we are advancing this today through our innovative technologies for the IoT and for Enterprises.
Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe

At BlackBerry we are motivated by protecting you. That includes keeping you safe during critical events, ensuring the privacy of your data, and securing the connected world against cyberattacks. We innovate everyday to stay ahead of these risks so you can focus on what is important to you and live a life with trust.

Cybersecurity and IoT are recognized high-growth markets where BlackBerry can add tremendous value. BlackBerry is applying world-class security expertise to address the needs of these markets. The alignment of our business around our key market opportunities sharpens our operational focus to unlock the company’s shareholder value.

John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, read our ESG report or contact us.