BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Unit

Innovators and Developers of the Core Technology in the BlackBerry Native AI Platform

Our threat research engineers identify and deconstruct emerging forms of file-based and fileless malware. Our threat intelligence analysts profile and track hacker groups and their tactics, techniques, and procedures. Collectively, we leverage our threat intelligence platform to develop and optimize machine learning models that defeat APTs and zero-day threats. 

AI + (R+I) = Predictive Prevention

We work tirelessly to hold the line against adversaries and cybercriminals, identifying and stopping threats no one has ever seen before. Learn more about us and the work we do to protect customers and advance our solutions.

Recent Threat Report

BlackBerry 2020 Threat Report Highlights
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BlackBerry 2020 Threat Report
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BlackBerry 2020 Threat Report
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BlackBerry 2020 Threat Report Highlights
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Recently Published Long-Form Research Reports

Expert Analysis and In-Depth Reporting You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Our team of information security experts, software engineers, and data scientists conduct research throughout the year to provide customers with actionable insights about the persistent threats and malicious actors impacting the global security landscape. Check out some of our recent research reports.
ThreatVector Research Blogs

ThreatVector Research Blogs

Exposing Adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

We stay on top of the latest threat news and headlines with blogs that expose threat actors and deconstruct their TTPs.