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Endpoint Security Isn't Dead, It's Just Getting Smarter.

IT News readers sound off on the power of data-driven prevention

Despite the ineffectiveness of conventional AV tools against sophisticated attacks, endpoint security is attainable by leveraging artificial intelligence, according to a recent survey conducted by IT News on behalf of Cylance®.

While 38% of survey respondents (CIOs, CISOs, IT managers) acknowledged that their organisation is infected by malware at least once each year, 56% of those surveyed maintained that endpoint prevention was not dead.

The sentiments are leading to action, with 53% of respondents fully committed to implementing machine learning driven anti-malware tools.

Other key findings in the survey include:

  • Beyond detection/prevention: 47% of respondents said that in addition to detection and prevention, they are prioritising their endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities
  • One-stop shopping: 55% of respondents expressed interest in their security provider adding EDR capabilities to their attack-prevention technologies
  • Auto pilot: The most effective solutions incorporate automated responses to detected security issues
  • Power of 10: 6% of respondents said that their company was breached 10 or more times each year

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