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Security Gets Smart with AI

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Skipping past the marketing buzzwords, how do real security professionals actually feel about the maturity and relevancy of artificial intelligence (AI)? The SANS Institute’s Security Gets Smart with AI report offers some data-driven insight into these fundamental questions.

Blackberry Cylance sponsored this survey and report to determine how technical managers and staff perceive various facets and applications of AI. Survey recipients included both security-focused and non-security professionals. The report details responses to the following questions:

  • How do security professionals view AI in terms of its maturity and fundamental capabilities?
  • How do technical professionals currently utilize AI?
  • What key technologies underlie AI implementation?
  • What risks and barriers are holding back wider adoption of AI-driven solutions?

Read the report to understand current industry expectations of AI, the perceived risks of applying AI, the differing perspectives on AI-driven solutions between technology managers and staff, and much more.

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