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BlackBerry Cylance Webinar

Securing the Security Operations Center featuring Gartner Research

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Webinar recorded March 2019

Webinar length: 24 minutes

Companies today face a daunting security quandary: Cyber threats continue to proliferate, yet the number of qualified IT professionals is shrinking. Doing more with less is key to protecting your assets and information. But where to begin?

For some illuminating views on this central concern and a number of other security topics, we invite you to watch Gartner Vice President and Analyst Peter Firstbrook and BlackBerry Cylance Vice President of Security & Trust John McClurg.

Peter and John touch upon a broad range of enterprise security concerns, including:

  • How to leverage automation services and advanced technologies to lead an effective security operations center (SOC)
  • The key disadvantage that companies are running into with advancing security technology
  • How advanced technology impacts the operations side of an effective SOC
  • Whether automation will ultimately amount to a more effective employee

Don’t miss out on this important conversation between two trusted security thought leaders who will provide you with timely and relevant insights to help you optimize your organization's strategy.

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