How Artificial Intelligence Is Enabling Cyber Resilience

On Demand Webinar | 1 hour


In the near future, threat actors will begin utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to craft malware that’s been expressly designed to evade your next-gen cyber defenses. On October 3rd, BlackBerry Cylance Staff Data Scientist Michael Slawinski and Security Engineer Josh Fu reviewed the current state of cybersecurity AI, assessed AI’s future, and considered the central role cyber resilience will play in the arms race between attackers and defenders.

Among other topics, Josh and Michael discussed:

  • The methods adversaries will be using to trick AI models into classifying malicious files as benign
  • How BlackBerry Cylance data scientists are responding by building resilient models that thwart adversarial AI
  • Why solving identity and authentication challenges represents the next frontier for AI technology

You won’t need a PhD in math to appreciate the significance of the data science Josh and Michael shared during this important webinar.

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