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Stopping Fileless Attacks with BlackBerry Cylance

On Demand Webinar | 1 hour


Understanding fileless attacks is a critical component of keeping your organization secure from modern cyber threats. Join BlackBerry Cylance Chief Evangelist Brian Robison as he covers what defines a fileless attack and how you can avoid falling victim to them. We explore various types of fileless threats ranging from strictly memory-resident payloads to malware that merely avoids storing malicious executables on-disk. We examine the difference between living-off-the-land attacks and multi-stage advanced threats, which include some fileless elements within the attack chain.

Most importantly, you will learn to protect your organization from the various types of fileless attacks. These threats require a stronger response than traditional, file-based, antivirus countermeasures can provide. BlackBerry Cylance has engineered several tools and techniques capable of preventing fileless threats from executing. These include:

  • Memory defense measures
  • User and system behavioral analysis
  • Script and macro control
  • The CylanceOPTICS™ Context Analysis Engine (CAE)

Watch this webinar and learn to secure your organization from the threat of fileless attacks.

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