Don’t Respond, Contain.

On Demand Webinar | 1 hour


Join Corey White, SVP of Global Consulting at Cylance®, and Sig Murphy, Consulting Director, Western North America at Cylance, for new strategies to improve your incident response.

Traditional incident response relies on antiquated methods like manually searching for threats using signatures and indicators of compromise. These legacy processes focus on responding to and monitoring existing attacks, but do little to immunize systems against future attacks. Corey and Sig demonstrate a better way to conduct your incident response using AI-based methodologies aimed at containment and prevention.

Topics will include:

  • The current state of incident response services 
  • A case study of a real-world attack 
  • Re-examining the respond and monitor approach 
  • Why the contain and prevent approach is the future 
  • How to leverage AI to stay in a state of prevention

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