Controller Area Network (CAN) Big Data Analytics

On Demand Webinar | 30 minutes


How can Controller Area Network (CAN) bus data be used to improve products, predict failures, streamline logistics, and repel attacks? Join BlackBerry Vice President of Global Services Technical Operations Tony Lee for a presentation on how CAN data can be an industry game-changer.

CAN data is commonly associated with personal vehicles but is also used by other industries, including heavy machinery, manufacturing, and medical equipment. Collecting, visualizing, and analyzing CAN data can allow your organization to:

  • Perform in-depth monitoring and tuning, improving product quality
  • Implement predictive failure analysis, improving consumer safety and satisfaction
  • Thwart sophisticated attacks through advanced security alerting and prevention-based technology
  • Improve fleet management services (FMS) by revealing logistical insights leading to increased efficiencies

Mastering CAN bus data collection and analysis can put your organization ahead of the competition. This webinar will show you how to get started. Watch this webinar now.

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