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On-demand Webinar: Ransomware Trends and Defenses

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The BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team in partnership with KPMG’s UK Cyber Response Services recently unearthed a new ransomware strain written in Java. The researchers have dubbed the ransomware Tycoon.

The threat actors behind Tycoon were observed using highly targeted delivery mechanisms targeting Windows® and Linux® systems to infiltrate small to medium-sized companies and institutions in education and software industries.

BlackBerry Vice President Guard Services Eric Milam and BlackBerry Director of Threat Intelligence Claudiu Teodorescu will discuss:

  • Ransomware 2020: State of Play
  • New Ransomware Discovered: Tycoon
  • Robustness of BlackBerry Spark® Suites To Detect and Prevent
  • Call To Action To Protect Your Organization


Eric Milam

Vice President, Guard Services

Claudiu Teodorescu

Director, Threat Research