On-demand Webinar: Why A Remote Workforce Is Better for Business and IT

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Few were prepared when COVID-19 forced businesses to transition, seemingly overnight, to a workforce that was entirely remote. The IT and security challenges seemed immense. Executive management worried about the impact on the business. Many were surprised when productively soared while office and administrative costs took a nose-dive. 

The way we operate will never be the same. In a post-pandemic world, the remote workplace will become the new normal. As a business paradigm, a remote workforce presents unique information technology (IT) and security challenges. However, it also provides fresh opportunities for businesses to re-evaluate their IT and security strategies. A more comprehensive approach may be needed to achieve an infrastructure that’s both efficient with resources and resilient against attacks.

Watch this webinar to learn how well businesses have been doing so far in meeting these IT and security challenges, and what they must do going forward to thrive in a post-pandemic world. Among other topics, IDC Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, Frank Dickson and BlackBerry Vice President, Product Marketing, Nigel Thompson will discuss:

  • What worked and what didn’t
  • Whether–and when–we can expect to see employees returning to the office workplace
  • The issues raised by BYO devices and why current security approaches should be re-examined
  • Why organizations experience an increased incidence of cyber-attacks when employees work from home

At the conclusion of the presentation, Frank and Nigel will share tips on what organizations should be doing now to prepare for a post-pandemic world.


Frank Dickson

Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products

Nigel Thompson

Vice President, Product Marketing