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What is BYOD?


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy that enables employees to use their own devices for business purposes, in addition to, or in lieu of, company-issued devices. This trend is becoming increasingly popular, and with a growing number of employees using their own desktops, laptops and tablets, it’s gaining momentum beyond just smartphones (traditionally the most common BYOD device).

What are the benefits of BYOD?

When employees are permitted to use their preferred device for work, the result can be increased satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. A comprehensive, secure BYOD program can maximize user productivity and satisfaction, while cutting costs.

What are the risks?

While BYOD can bring with it many benefits it can also present potential risks, such as security threats and data theft or leakage. This is why pursuing the highest levels of security and privacy on BYOD devices is absolutely necessary to protect confidential, sensitive and competitive information, as well as intellectual property.

There are various methods for creating secure environments in software and hardware, using a combination of containers, hardened apps, rights methodologies, server-side controls and other means.

How can BlackBerry help you deploy BYOD successfully?

BlackBerry enables secure management of BYOD environments, and will provide your organization with:

  • A cross-platform solution that supports all devices and can provide your employees with the flexibility they seek.
  • A solution to manage and secure all the endpoints in your organization, regardless of ownership model.
  • Containerization to keep corporate and personal data separate and help protect your organization from vulnerabilities introduced with personal devices by:
    • Preventing data leakage
    • Maintaining user privacy and IT security
    • Securing web apps and intranet access