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Cybercriminals have little compassion. They may target health files, insurance data, or even medical devices as a way in. BlackBerry AI-driven technology helps IT staff secure and manage devices, prevent attacks, and protect vulnerabilities.

The Changing Face of Healthcare

The Changing Face of Healthcare

Technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered, from hospital staff coordination to clinical collaboration and first responder readiness.

  • Healthcare personnel use mobile devices to communicate with colleagues down the hall and around the world.
  • Home healthcare workers use tablets and smartphones to access patient care plans in real time.
  • Patients are being monitored remotely using connected diagnostic devices. 

BlackBerry: The Trusted Solution in Mobile Healthcare

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Momentum Continues for BlackBerry: HIMSS INFRAM Certification

Momentum Continues for BlackBerry: HIMSS INFRAM Certification

As a HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant, the BlackBerry cybersecurity team has been professionally trained to guide healthcare organizations through the stages of the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), HIMSS Analytics’ newest Maturity Model, as well as the existing and prevalent Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM).
Endpoint Management and Security from BlackBerry

Endpoint Management and Security from BlackBerry

Your organizational security is only as strong as its weakest link – and in healthcare, evidence suggests the weakest link is mobile security. As new device types proliferate, how do you stay in control while empowering staff with secure access to communications and data?

A comprehensive approach to endpoint security and management is essential to protect against and remediate cyber threats, while providing visibility across all endpoints. BlackBerry Spark® enables Zero Trust security  across any endpoint, including desktop, mobile, server and IoT

Protect People and Operations

Protect People and Operations

During emergencies, hospitals help hold communities together, so it’s vital to everyone that healthcare workers themselves stay safe and informed. A good crisis communications plan needs to account for staff members and provide instructions.

  • Send mass emergency notifications to devices, PA systems, and more
  • Communicate with personnel and determine where assistance is required
  • Make critical safety decisions for patients, staff and the community
  • Meet CMS Personnel Accountability Guidelines
  • Get vast improvements in clinical staffing

Enable New Business Functionality Through Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing and cloud storage services can play a vital role in research and sharing unstructured PHI to improve patient care, enabling global sharing of clinical data within regulation and providing anytime, anywhere access to patient data.

  • Expedite patient treatment and diagnosis
  • Synchronize and share patient files
  • Share healthcare research data securely
  • Comply with security and privacy requirements of HIPAA, the HITECH Act and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), GDPR, Notable Data Breach Scheme.

Collaborate Securely on Any Device

Communication is fundamental to healthcare, but as digitization proliferates, inefficiencies with traditional healthcare models become increasingly evident. To address issues like noisy environments, inefficient communication and the use of non-compliant messaging, healthcare providers must select a suitable messaging platform. 
Securely Connect and Manage Healthcare Things

Securely Connect and Manage Healthcare Things

Healthcare is entering a new phase of Internet connectivity that goes beyond smartphones. Healthcare IoT envisions every healthcare device equipped with an Internet connection so it can communicate securely with other devices to report its status and the status of the patient it’s monitoring.


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