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Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Improve Agility and Collaboration for Frontline Officers

Next Level Productivity and Communication

When every second counts, sharing sensitive information securely, and responding quickly can mean the difference between life and death. BlackBerry® offers solutions to help improve processes and communication across incident coordination, commander awareness, evidence gathering, criminal investigations, and records and data management.

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Enable Instant Operability and Incident Coordination

To effectively respond to incidents, law enforcement must communicate and coordinate with their own officers, as well as other first responders, regardless of location. This includes bringing in personnel whether they are on or off duty.

BlackBerry® AtHoc networked crisis communication unifies critical communications within and between organizations, their people, devices, and external entities. It’s FedRAMP authorized, and exceeds industry and government requirements.

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Improve Field Communication and Commander Awareness

Secure Instant Messaging on smartphones allows officers outside of a patrol vehicle to communicate with one another without having to tie up the Land Mobile Radio (LMR). This can be especially valuable during busy call periods when the radio system can be congested.

BBM Enterprise enables officers to communicate securely via text, voice, or video, with enterprise-grade encryption between iPhone, Android™ and BlackBerry® smartphones.

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Secure Evidence Gathering

With communication and first responder apps directly on officers’ smartphones, they can quickly and securely gather all types of media on the scene and file reports. They’ll be more self-sufficient, without waiting for someone else to do checks or find information for them. This type of secure, reliable access to data is essential, especially in emergency scenarios.

BlackBerry® UEM is designed to protect an expanding set of applications, devices and endpoints across your organization from a single console.  Connect your officers to the information they need, on the devices they want, while protecting sensitive data. 

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Enable Secure File Sharing

To speed up complex criminal investigations, police officers need to share documents with other agencies, the Prosecutor’s office, and social workers, while remaining in complete control of the sensitive information.

BlackBerry® Workspaces addresses the challenge of securing the exchange of sensitive information, by applying a combination of 140-2 validated encryption, integrated Digital Rights Management, comprehensive collaboration and device-optimized access.

  • Control access to any file, even outside your firewall
  • Enable collaboration from any device between internal and external contacts
  • Revoke access to any file or by any user, even after the file has been downloaded
  • Protect against Ransomware
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Success Stories

Security is our number one concern. When we look at the BlackBerry UEM management system combined with the Knox platform on a Samsung device, we believe that we deploy superior technology. It gives us confidence as an organization.

Bryan M. Larkin,

Chief of Police, Waterloo Regional Police Service


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