BlackBerry Issue Tracker

The BlackBerry Issue Tracker system has been retired.  Please use one of the following alternatives.

I am an Application Developer Reporting an API or SDK Issue

I am a BlackBerry World Vendor having an issue using the BlackBerry World Vendor Portal

I am an end user with a suggestion on how to improve BlackBerry Software

I am an end user having a problem with a BlackBerry Device or Application

  • Please use one of the support options below to reach an expert who can assist you:
    • If your BlackBerry was purchased from a carrier, please contact them for technical support.  They can escalate to BlackBerry if required.
    • If you purchased your device directly from BlackBerry using you can reach our support team using the contact information on this page (be sure to select your country to get the appropriate number) Support Contact Page
    • Alternatively, you can post your issue to the BlackBerry Support Forums.