Axiom Alliance Program

The BlackBerry Cylance Axiom Alliance Program is a global community of cybersecurity solution providers working together to deliver a prevention-first approach to security through the implementation of advanced artificial intelligence (AI).  

Axiom Alliance's Key Segments

Assurance Alliance

Leveraging our deep expertise and understanding of cyber risk, BlackBerry Cylance partners/interacts with law firms, cyber insurance carriers, and brokers to quantify and reduce risk for their customers, and for the industry. Being prepared and secure is non-negotiable in this space.

Global Alliance

We create strategic advantages for global service providers and their customers. BlackBerry Cylance security solutions deliver reductions in alerts, tickets, re-imaging and practically eliminate ransomware. As BlackBerry Cylance partners evolve, we evolve with them, delivering the solutions they need.

BlackBerry Endpoint ISV Partner Program

Modern security operation centers require next generation security solutions. Utilizing a prevention-first strategy, our partners are given unprecedented clarity to identify, classify and prevent threats. A superior process leads to superior decision making and outcomes.

Strength in Numbers

Reduce Cost, Time, and Complexity

The Axiom Alliance Program’s integrated prevention-first approach to security dramatically reduces the cost, time, and complexity usually associated with integrating security solutions.

Minimize Alerts, Maximize Visibility

The Axiom Alliance Program was created to improve security team efficiency by collaborating, at a technology level, across the cyber kill chain, minimizing alerts and maximizing visibility.

Real-Time Decision-making

Axiom Alliance enables real-time decision-making without a large administrative burden, driving down the time to respond, re-imaging tasks, help desk tickets and cost.

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BlackBerry Cylance Axiom Alliance
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