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Movius for BlackBerry UEM

Movius for BlackBerry® is a cloud-based service that enables individuals and global enterprises to achieve regulatory compliance for their mobile business communications.

Movius for BlackBerry

Movius for BlackBerry allows users to maintain a business number on their personal devices—securely. With Movius for BlackBerry, calls, texts, and social messaging meet compliance requirements. Movius for BlackBerry is carrier-agnostic and can be deployed globally at scale with built-in mobile recording—no need to change handsets, SIMs, or  wireless carriers. 

Why Movius for BlackBerry

Secure Business Number

Use a secure mobile app with a separate dialer, call and message log, contact list, caller ID, voicemail, do not disturb, and scheduler.

Use the Movius number for calling and messaging mobiles, the desktop app, or Microsoft Teams® app.

Voice and Text Capture

Capture voice, SMS, or both—over any Wi-Fi or cellular.

Enjoy multiple recording, storage, and retrieval options.

Compliant Social Messaging

Communicate securely with clients more efficiently via SMS, WhatsApp, or WeChat with automatic workflows that capture client consent.

Enable settings to redact certain keywords and phrases.

Seamless User Experience

Streamline access with single sign-on, click-to-dial, and click-to-text within BlackBerry® Work Email, Calendar, and Contacts.

Supervision Workflows

Audit trails, lexicon alerts, and reports help compliance and mobility teams meet obligations and maintain visibility across all business voice and text.

Administrative Control

Add users, manage mobile numbers, view call records, and configure policy.

IT Security and Control

Deploy and control access to the Movius for BlackBerry app as you would for any other BlackBerry® Dynamics app.

Movius for BlackBerry leverages the BlackBerry Dynamics Data Loss Prevention (DLP) framework.

Seamless Integrations

Capture voice and text with zero disruption to the workflows of end users.

Send data seamlessly for transcription or to your archival platform or CRM of choice.

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Movius for BlackBerry Features

Movius for BlackBerry Features

Movius for BlackBerry is fully integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS which provides policy control for Enterprise IT Administrators. Movius for BlackBerry allows Click-to-dial and Click-to-message functionality for phone numbers appearing in any BlackBerry Dynamics container apps such as BlackBerry Work, BlackBerry® Access or other third-party Apps.

About Movius

Movius is the leading global provider in cloud-based secure mobile communications software, helping enterprises deliver better engagement for their clients. Enterprises around the world use the company’s all-in-one mobility platform to connect with their customers in more convenient, cost-effective, and compliant ways. The platform offers an easy way to extend and integrate voice, text, and messaging services into other systems, like CRM or collaboration tools. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Movius has additional locations in Atlanta, GA., London, UK, and Bangalore, India.


How does Movius for BlackBerry provide a secondary “work” number?

A Movius for BlackBerry number is the product of a unique patented technology created by Movius. Unlike a SIM Card, you don't have to buy or insert anything into the phone—you only need to install and activate the Movius for BlackBerry mobile application or activate the Movius for BlackBerry desktop application to get a work number. Unlike a VOIP number, your Movius for BlackBerry number is a real, carrier-grade number. This means that unlike with VOIP, you don't need an Internet connection to make calls.

Our app is built with user privacy, security, and ease-of-use in mind. If your organization needs reports on your company use of the phone, your private calls and messages will be completely private—only your Work call and message data is captured, as necessary. If your organization needs recordings for compliance or regulatory oversight, only your Work calls and messages will be captured.

Will using Movius for BlackBerry increase my personal mobile bill?

It depends on the user’s monthly plan, but we expect that there will be little or no change to the monthly mobile phone bill for most end users. First, most mobility plans include unlimited text and voice calling—so no extra costs there. Second, Movius for BlackBerry supports text, voice, and data on Wi-Fi networks—so that’s free. Third, even for people with tiered data plans, the average data usage for Movius for BlackBerry is only 100MB per month, which isn’t likely to push anyone over the typical 3-to-4 GB monthly limit. 

What devices does Movius for BlackBerry work on?

Movius for BlackBerry mobile applications work on any Android™ or iOS® smartphone

Movius for BlackBerry desktop applications work on any desktop or tablet

Browser Compatibility

Chrome 90.0.4430 or above

Safari 14 or above

MS Edge 90.0.818.39 or above