BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite -
Content Edition

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Ensure Document Security & Compliance

BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite - Content Edition builds on the Enterprise, Management, Collaboration and Application Editions by adding BlackBerry® Workspaces, the most secure EFSS with complete Digital Rights Management for file level security policies.

As your organization’s mobility program reaches critical mass, documents will be pervasively distributed to phones, tablets, PCs, and even wearables, across systems. File level security and DRM will be a must have for any organization to contain and manage their data.

As with all other Editions, it has user-based licensing for the best value.    

Data Security that’s Ahead of the Competition

BlackBerry Workspaces provides secure file storage, synchronization and sharing for every use case and budget.

  • File-based encryption, user access control and DRM
  • Ability to create, manage and share files, folders and workspaces
  • Secure access and collaboration from any device
  • Cross-platform support: Windows®, macOS, Android™, iOS, BlackBerry® 10 and HTML5 browsers    

Extend security beyond your firewall with easy to use DRM controls. In addition to meeting the highest network security standards, BlackBerry Workspaces provides file-level security.  This protects files while at rest and in transit, on the server and on the device—even after it leaves your firewall.   

BlackBerry Products Included in Content Edition

The following BlackBerry products are available in BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Content Edition:

BlackBerry UEM Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry UEM
BlackBerry Access Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Access
BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE

*Available as an add-on that requires a separate purchase

Enterprise Identity Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
BlackBerry 2FA Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry 2FA
BlackBerry Workspaces Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry Workspaces

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Management Edition

UEM, Secure Browser, Native Email

Enterprise Edition

Management Edition +
Secure Email/PIM, Secure Browser

Collaboration Edition

Enterprise Edition +
Files & Message Collaboration, ISV Applications, Identity & Access

Application Edition

Collaboration Edition +
SDK, Custom Internal Applications

Content Edition

Application Edition +
BlackBerry Workspaces for Content Collaboration