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BlackBerry Radar Dashboards and Reporting

Help Your Back Office to Help Your Drivers

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Manage Your Fleet with Facts

BlackBerry® Radar collects up to 100X more data than basic GPS asset trackers. Data visualization and custom reports make it easy to manage fleets efficiently. 

  • Improve your service offering
  • Increase your asset utilization
  • Bill on actual asset usage
  • Improve financial forecasting accuracy
  • Optimize personnel productivity

Improve Operations with Data‑Driven Decisions

The BlackBerry Radar portal gives planners, dispatchers, maintenance managers and customer service representatives the information they need to act quickly and effectively.

With the ability to easily integrate with other transportation management systems, BlackBerry Radar empowers you to improve your business operations. 

Enable Your Back Office to Easily View:

Asset load status
Accurate asset mileage
Door open/close notifications
Automated yard checks
Accurate GPS asset location
Custom geofences and alerts
Dwell and detention time
Filtered lists of specific assets

Reports & Tools

The BlackBerry Radar portal gives your back office the tools they need and the information they’ve always wanted.

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  • Get real-time details on assets within geo-fenced areas, including load status of trailers
  • Eliminate manual yard checks to save driver and staff time.
  • Identify idle assets to optimize customer asset pools and driver time
  • Improve asset utilization to reduce the need for new equipment purchases or rentals
  • Help track operational efficiency to increase profits
  • Pinpoint idle assets within custom geofenced areas
  • Get information to accurately bill customers for detention or call for asset release
  • Identify mileage trends for your fleet or individual assets over a given period of time
  • See each asset’s total miles travelled, miles travelled per day, and average miles traveled per day
  • Analyze fleet utilization trends by tracking the number of empty and loaded trailers
  • Compare the number of loaded and empty trailers by geofenced area and view specific asset details


  • 24-hour View: Manage daily operations using granular location data and real-time sensor alerts
  • 48-hour View: Assess performance, issues with short haul routes and equipment use patterns  
  • Custom Views: Look at monthly or annual performance as part of operational review and planning
  • Save time by sending in-field employees, such as drivers and maintenance personnel, a link with precise asset location and directions
  • Permission is controlled by the administrator and can be revoked for security or operational reasons
  • Set custom alerts on your fleet or specific assets to help protect equipment and cargo
  • Examples: environmental threshold breaches, trailer door opening in a high-risk area, or extended stay in customer yard
  • Toggle between satellite and map views to help pinpoint asset location for drivers

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