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Railcar Tracking and Monitoring Solution

By BlackBerry

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Understand and Optimize Your Railcar Fleet with an Innovative and Ruggedized, Scalable Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Limited visibility into railcar utilization can cause increased dwell time at terminals, under-utilized assets and even lost railcars, adding to bottom-line expense. BlackBerry Radar® H2 is designed to give you the reliable, secure insights required to help maximize railcar usage while integrating into your existing supply chain.

  • Only 10-minutes to install
  • 5-year battery life with no external wires or charging required  
  • Self-contained ruggedized devices with a working temperature range of -40F to 185F
  • Ability to track location, mileage, load/empty, door open/close readings from one device 
  • Scalable to additional wireless sensors, such as the BlackBerry Radar A2 Cargo Sensor, with cube space utilization and environmental readings for boxcar cargo
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Improve Operations with Reliable Visibility into Rail Car Status

Quick 10-Minute Installations

Various device placement options for discrete installation, without compromising location accuracy or connectivity.

Predictive maintenance scheduling

Track mileage and utilization of railcars to ensure efficient maintenance spend. Based on location, ensure railcars are maintained at preferred service providers

Visibility into railcar utilization

Understand if a railcar is loaded or unloaded, sitting or moving to maximize utilization, turn-times and velocity

Prevention of lost or stolen railcars and cargo

Track railcar location in geo-fenced yards, understand door open/door close, and set up customized security alerts to notify of any changes

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Easily access asset status, utilization, mileage, dwell & detention reports.
  • Quickly identify and locate idle and utilized rail cars in the BlackBerry Radar portal.
  • Set up customized alerts to notify of unauthorized movement, door open/close, and track location based on customized geo-fences      


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