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BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suites - Choice Suite


Boost productivity and reduce cost with secure access to key business tools and analytics.

Advanced Device and Application Management for Enhanced Mobility

The Choice Suite offers the ability to manage all devices and apps, across key platforms and device ownership models. With a single platform to streamline device management, both the IT and end user experiences will be simplified.

As with all the BlackBerry® Secure UEM & Productivity Suites, the subscription model eliminates upfront capital costs and allows predictable yearly operating expenses.    

Secure, Scalable Management for Mobile Devices and Computers

Get complete management, control and enablement capabilities for the IoT and your diverse and growing fleet of connected devices, across multiple ownership models (BYOD, COPE and COBO) and platforms, including iOS®, Android, Windows 10®, macOS and Chrome OS.

The Choice Suite supports the direct management of Microsoft® Office productivity apps (such as Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®) alongside existing corporate applications managed by BlackBerry. Admins can apply policies to Office mobile apps in the same console that’s used to manage other corporate apps – whether they’re managed by native OS MAM, third-party containers, or BlackBerry® Dynamics™.

The Choice Suite includes productivity and collaboration apps, and supports an ever-changing set of third party and custom-built apps.   

  • Enterprise App Catalog
  • iOS Managed Apps
  • App Push/Selective Wipe
  • Per App VPN
  • Block Cut/Copy/Paste
  • App Configuration
  •  iOS VPP
  • App Inventory         

BlackBerry® Access and BlackBerry® Work together extend to personal and corporate-owned computers for access to corporate resources without the need to VPN.

  • Secure browser connection with no VPN required
  • Enables building and deployment of secure HTML5 apps
  • Secure access to email, calendar, contacts, document editing
  • Easy on/offboarding for non-traditional employees: remote workers, contactors, short term workers, seasonal, partners
  • Ability to edit PowerPoint and Word documents in offline mode
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BlackBerry Products Included in the Choice Suite

The following BlackBerry products are available in the Choice Suite:

BlackBerry UEM Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® UEM
BlackBerry Work Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Work
BlackBerry Access Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Access
BlackBerry Tasks 2
BlackBerry® Tasks
blackberry connect Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Connect

Find the Perfect Package for You

Choose the BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suite that Meets Your Needs

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Choice Suite

Boost productivity and reduce cost with secure access to key business tools and analytics.

Freedom Suite

Improve agility with collaboration applications, app customization, and enterprise-grade security. 

Limitless Suite

Equip organizations with additional security for file protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the most features of any suite.