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BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suites -
Freedom Suite


Improve agility with collaboration applications, app customization, and enterprise-grade security.

Secure File Access, IM & App Integration

Building on capabilities included in the Choice Suite, the Freedom Suite offers Mobile Content Management (MCM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and the ability for users to access files in Microsoft® mobility apps.

It also includes development tools to add security, mobility and platform features to custom apps, regardless of how your developers build apps.

As with all the BlackBerry® Secure UEM & Productivity Suites, the subscription model eliminates upfront capital costs and allows predictable yearly operating expenses.   

Enhanced Collaboration and App Capabilities

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides the only highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel® from BlackBerry® Dynamics™ apps such as BlackBerry® Work. It’s a BlackBerry Dynamics and Microsoft® Intune protected app.

This unique capability is available on both iOS® and Android™.


The Freedom Suite includes enhanced collaboration apps for an optimized user experience:

  • BlackBerry® Notes – a secure note-taking solution designed for enterprise users.
  • BlackBerry® Edit – an all-in-one enterprise document solution that streamlines mobile editing and allows users to securely create, edit and format documents.
  • BlackBerry® Workspaces Collaborate Edition - Enterprise file sharing solution for collaboration, organizational productivity, and enterprise security.
  • Secure Mobile Content Management (MCM) - email with integrated document repository to securely save and share documents and other content, on any device.


The Freedom Suite offers software development kits (API/SDKs) for a wide range of app development tools, so you can incorporate BlackBerry® security into your custom mobile app to ensure consistent protection across devices and key platforms -- including encryption, secure communications, DLP policies and more.

The Freedom Suite includes Identity & Access Management (IAM) with Microsoft® Active Directory® integration, PKI integration, Kerberos and SAML support for browser access and two-factor authentication options for secure apps.

  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity – Single sign-on for enterprise applications.
  • BlackBerry® 2FA – two-factor authentication for remote file access to support a Zero Trust strategy.

The enhanced app store notification in the Freedom Suite allows your IT team to notify users about new corporate apps and inform them when updates become available. When compliance requires the deployment of specific apps, IT can ensure all users are notified.

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BlackBerry Products Included in the Freedom Suite

The following BlackBerry products are available in the Freedom Suite:

BlackBerry UEM Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® UEM
BlackBerry Access Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Access
blackberry enterprise bridge Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE
Dynamics Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Dynamics™ Apps
blackberry enterprise identity Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity
blackberry 2fa Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® 2FA
blackberry workspaces Created with Sketch.
BlackBerry® Workspaces - Collaborate Edition

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Choice Suite

Boost productivity and reduce cost with secure access to key business tools and analytics.

Freedom Suite

Improve agility with collaboration applications, app customization, and enterprise-grade security. 

Limitless Suite

Equip organizations with additional security for file protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the most features of any suite.