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BlackBerry Workspaces Content Collaboration

The Most Secure Enterprise-grade File Sharing

Whether you need to enable personal productivity, facilitate team collaboration, or curb well-intentioned employee workarounds, BlackBerry® Workspaces is the best choice for secure file storage, synchronization and sharing. 

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Data Security That’s Ahead of the Competition

What makes BlackBerry Workspaces different from competitive Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions?

Security travels with your files wherever they go, controlling access even after they leave your firewall. Files are protected by AES-certified 256-bit encryption at all times.

Workspaces apps are available for Windows®, macOS, Android™, iOS and HTML5 browsers. It’s the only product that enforces DRM on iOS and Android.

Workspaces offers unified access and control for all your existing data stores—there’s no need to migrate your files.

Workspaces provides complete activity logs to meet security and privacy compliance and reporting requirements.

Create collaborative workspaces and manage access and permissions by group and individual. View-only mode lets users annotate and comment on files within a secure HTML5 browser app.

Unique File-Level Security Unmatched Cross-platform Support Extending and Mobilizing Existing Storage Tracking and Reporting for All File Activity

Rapid Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware is malware that attacks a user’s personal device, most often because he or she opens a corrupted email attachment or clicks a corrupted link. Enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) systems have the potential to make a ransomware attack worse, by automatically syncing and sharing affected files with other users.

How does Workspaces address the problem?

Unlike other EFSS solutions, Workspaces puts effective recovery tools in the hands of the system administrator. It helps to contain and limit the damage of ransomware attacks by allowing the admin to freeze affected user accounts and selectively target and address infected files. Granular controls allow administrators to roll back impacted users, files and folders to pre-attack versions, so organizations can eliminate loss of productivity caused by system-wide rollback and recovery mechanisms.

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Secure Content Collaboration for Any Industry

BlackBerry Workspaces is uniquely positioned to meet the secure file sharing requirements of any industry.

Financial Services

BlackBerry Workspaces provides financial services institutions the ability to secure files containing sensitive data and meet regulatory mandates for the protection of customer privacy.


Attorneys need anytime, anywhere document sharing and collaboration across all their devices – especially for the most sensitive files. BlackBerry Workspaces provides the perfect mix of productivity and security for legal professionals.


BlackBerry Workspaces gives doctors immediate access to up-to-date patient information on any device. At home, on the road to the hospital, or moving between hospital departments, the data is available and secure to help meet HIPAA privacy requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet your export control and compliance requirements with secure file sharing and encryption in BlackBerry Workspaces.

Media and Entertainment

BlackBerry Workspaces can consolidate scripts in one secure place, provide an intuitive interface for sharing and review, ensure easy access from any device, and provide controls to calm fears about leaks.

Success Stories

Melanoma Institute Australia chose BlackBerry as its technology provider to take us to the next level in patient security. We were looking for a solution that allowed for the secure transfer of data between medical professionals, patients, and researchers without changing how they did business. That’s what we found in BlackBerry Workspaces.

Matthew Browne,
CEO, Melanoma Institute Australia

BlackBerry Workspaces has been incredibly useful for Oetker Collection. We rarely have to travel for projects now, instead using the platform to collaborate with contractors, vendors, and suppliers. If I had to assign a value to it, I’d say we spend nearly thirty percent less time on projects now than we did before the BlackBerry implementation.

Olivier Bihel,
Head of Projects, Oetker Collection


A lot of companies in our industry are going with their own FTP solution. This means installing servers and services for every single partner and contractor. With Workspaces, we don’t need to do that—we have one system in place to quickly and securely share files between businesses, and one that’s easy to maintain.

Rob ter Linden,
IT Security Specialist and Solution Architect, Evides

Security is something our customers really demand, and a core pillar of our organization. That’s why we use BlackBerry. They’re better for the security minded than MobileIron or AirWatch, and their solutions are the most innovative. Not only that, their platform allows us to manage all kinds of endpoints and deployment models from a single console – something none of their competitors offer.

Petra Baumann,
Chief Operations Officer, solvito GmbH

Thanks to BlackBerry Workspaces, we were able to make many security improvements, in addition to addressing several other issues with our previous system. We are extremely pleased with the platform’s features, and it has decreased our risk of information leaks dramatically.

Takuro Watabe,
Senior Supervisor of IT Planning & Development, Olympus Corporation

BlackBerry Workspaces provided everything we needed: Great security, excellent usability, and the ability to edit protected documents while they’re on the server. It also lets us know exactly where a document is being accessed at any given time – that logging and reporting functionality is something no one else does.

Darrin Langen,
President, Spirit of Math Schools, Inc

Two Editions to Meet Your Needs

Each BlackBerry Workspaces Edition offers secure file storage, synchronization and sharing, on any mobile or desktop device.


Enterprise file sharing solution for collaboration, organizational productivity, and enterprise security.

  • Ability to view, edit and annotate documents securely on any device
  • Personal or Group workspaces for storage, sync and sharing
  • Apps for Windows®, macOS, Android™, iOS and HTML5-compliant browsers
  • Plug-ins for Microsoft® Outlook® and Office Online
  • End-to-end file encryption and user access controls
  • View-only sharing
  • Cloud or on-prem
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Collaboration and productivity tools 
  • Advanced admin console with usage reporting 
  • Enhanced security features 
  • Single Sign-On and Active Directory support 
  • Ransomware Recovery Tools
Secure Plus

Highest level of security and file protection, as well as integration with existing file repositories, enterprise apps and workflows.

Everything in “Collaborate”, plus:

  • Cloud, on-prem or hybrid
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Content connectors for CMS and file system integration
  • Full DRM capabilities
  • Advanced productivity tools
  • API/SDK access
  • Advanced user administration

Product Documentation

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Workspaces API and SDKs

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