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BlackBerry Workspaces: Edition Comparison

Enable users to confidently access, share and collaborate, on any device with the leading secure EFSS solution. BlackBerry® Workspaces is available in three editions to meet your organization's needs.

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Secure Plus


Deployment Model


Cloud or On-Prem

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid

Collaboration and Productivity

Support for all major platforms and devices

Outlook and Office Online Plugins

Share Files

Personal Workspace

File Storage

20 GB per user



Max File Size




Full Device Synchronization

Full Text Indexing and Search of Documents

Version Archiving and Management

Group Workspaces


Shared Activity Streams


Inline Comments




Inline Alerts


File Locking


Read Receipts


E-Signature Support


Form Fill



Files Encrypted on Server, In-Transit and On-Device

Authentication and Access


- File Access Only By Authorized Users

- One-Time Password Support

- Two-Factor Authentication

- Single Sign-On (SSO)


- OAuth


Digital Rights Management (DRM)


- Share Files in view-only Mode

- Enforce DRM on Browser

- Enforce DRM on all platforms, including mobile


Ransomware Recovery Tools


Apply Dynamic Watermark to Shared Files

Spotlight Viewing of Files

Remotely Revoke or Change File Permissions

Set Expiration of File Access

Custom Watermarks


Remote Device Wipe


Enterprise Integration

ICAP and SysLog Integration


Workspaces API/SDK


Content Management System (CMS) and File Store Connectors



Central Admin Console

Active Directory Support


Basic Branding (Web UI)


Security Policy Management


- Manage Permissions at File, Folder and Workspace


- Manage Permissions at User, Group and Domain


- Control Read/Write Access


Compliance and Operational Reporting


Advanced Role Management


- Manage User Roles


- Assign User Roles


Advanced Branding (All Apps, links and naming)


Download BlackBerry Workspaces
Branded Clients

The ability to add customized branding to the BlackBerry Workspaces mobile client is an add-on for the Send Edition, but available as a free feature in the Collaborate and Secure Plus editions. Your organization's logo can be added to the web application in the Collaborate edition. In the Secure Plus edition, you can also customize the product name, and redirect legal and support links to external webpages maintained by your organization.

Hardware Security Model

The Hardware Security Model (HSM) add-on allows you to integrate BlackBerry Workspaces with your corporate HSM deployment.
Note: Must be purchased for the entire license count.