Cracking Down on Cryptojacking with BlackBerry and Intel vPro

BlackBerry and Intel have teamed up to take down cryptojackers

BlackBerry has integrated the Intel vPro® threat detection technology driver and machine learning model into CylanceOPTICS®. This integration lets users quickly detect cryptojacking at the hardware level. 

What is Cryptomining?


At the most basic level, cryptomining is earning digital currency for using processors to solve complex mathematical puzzles. When a cryptominer solves a puzzle, it submits its answer for validation. Correct answers are rewarded with cryptocurrency.


Cryptojacking is the unsanctioned use of company assets for cryptomining. It can cost organizations millions in cloud usage, utilities and lost productivity. Cryptojacking is difficult to detect because it can look like legitimate system activity.
How Cryptojacking Harms Organizations

How Cryptojacking Harms Organizations

Cryptojacking is difficult to detect, and siphons resources and productivity from an organization. Running processors at full power can cause hardware to overheat and damage systems. The power requirements of cryptomining drive up utility costs. 

BlackBerry and Intel Join Forces to Fight Cryptomining

BlackBerry Spark UES Suite

The BlackBerry Spark® UES Suite consolidates security tools under a single console. It provides AI-driven endpoint protection, detection and response, mobile threat defense, continuous authentication, adaptive risk scoring and dynamic policy adoption.

Intel vPro®

Intel vPro® platform is designed to offer business-class performance with hardware enhanced security and remote manageability. It includes the Intel® Hardware Shield, Intel® Active Management Technology, Intel® Endpoint Management and Intel® Threat Detection Technology.

Learn How BlackBerry and Intel Can Help You to Prevent Cryptojacking Attacks.