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Full-service Cybersecurity Consultancy

With proven leadership in some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, BlackBerry® is uniquely positioned to assess your threat landscape and help design a complete cybersecurity strategy for your organization.

Whether you have an established cybersecurity approach and need to supplement, or you’re starting to define it, BlackBerry® Cybersecurity Consulting can help.


Am I at Risk?

Investing in cybersecurity is less about keeping up with other companies, and more about adopting what your organization needs.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting will evaluate your current situation—including any existing cybersecurity strategies and solutions—to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps, and recommend next steps. 

BlackBerry consultants can assess vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, device or configuration, using a wide range of penetration testing, social engineering techniques and physical security assessments. 


Expert BlackBerry consultants offer an extended assessment and ongoing automated monitoring solutions that identify real-life threats to your organization, and determine which ones present the greatest risk.

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How Can I Handle a Breach?

The best outcomes following a cybersecurity incident occur when organizations have current and comprehensive incident response plans in place before the incident.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting will enhance and/or implement your incident monitoring and response capabilities, while supporting the development of efficient and robust processes to minimize the impact of any breach.


Should a cybersecurity incident occur, the BlackBerry Digital Forensics team will work with you to understand what vulnerabilities were exploited, quickly secure the chain of evidence, and provide data recovery and media analysis services.


Am I Making the Right Cybersecurity Investments?

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting can help you understand precisely where your organization’s risks lie, and support your organization in defining which business critical assets need protecting to help maximize the impact of your security investments and strategy.

Instead of constantly reacting to the latest cybersecurity threats, BlackBerry will advise you on how to invest effectively in strategies to help future-proof your systems and organization. 

BlackBerry will help build a complete cybersecurity strategy for your entire organization. We’ll work with you to identify and mitigate the risks, so we can help create a cyber plan that is effective and appropriate for your organization.


Whether your organization wants to build a secure platform, protect a product or deploy an effective IoT capability, BlackBerry can advise on secure architecture design, deployment and supply chain management.


The CylancePERSONA Consulting Service will guide you in understanding your threat surface and attack vectors in the current threat landscape, influencing policy development and enabling maximum benefit from CylancePERSONA.

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How Can I Prepare for and Comply with Regulations?

With in-depth knowledge in the regulated marketspace, BlackBerry consultants can guide and support your organization’s accreditation for numerous certifications related to information security compliance.

Preparing for regulatory challenges can present opportunities to drive cultural improvements in data use and processes, further improving your organization’s position. 

Fulfilling GDPR requirements can be complex and costly, especially if it’s not done right the first time. BlackBerry provides an end-to-end advisory service to help you understand and address your GDPR challenges and make a cultural change in how your organization uses, and finds value in, the data you hold.

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Industry certifications set established standards for how organizations structure their information security and handling processes. Attaining these certifications allows you to reassure customers that their data is safe in your hands. BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting can help you prepare for, and achieve, ISO certifications, as well as other security standards such as the those set by the Payments Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI).


Cyber Essentials has been developed as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme. Adopting Cyber Essentials is likely to be a major requirement to win business in many sectors in the future.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting provides Certification for Cyber Essentials Plus (Level 2). Key areas of assessment include secure configuration of firewalls and other devices capable of connecting to the Internet, user access control, use of anti-virus software and the need to keep operating systems and programs up-to-date.

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Industry Focus

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Connected devices can be a competitive edge for healthcare organizations, but they also accelerate vulnerabilities to cybersecurity threats.

Automotive Created with Sketch.

The ability to confidentially and reliably transmit highly sensitive data between connected cars is essential to safeguard drivers and their data.

Why BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting?

BlackBerry will take the time to understand your unique business objectives and priorities, working to understand your business model and how you make money.  

We’ll then help you build the right cybersecurity strategy from the ground up, mitigating your cybersecurity risk without disrupting employee productivity, product usability, customer convenience or other business-critical outcomes.

  • Build security into everything you do and produce
  • Make smart decisions at the foundational level of your products and cybersecurity strategies
  • Identify potential weaknesses early on, whether in product development or your network 
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1. BlackBerry ranks in the top 10% of all global cybersecurity organizations in the Cyber Security 500 ranking published by Cyber Security Ventures.